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Trade war quietly escalates, as China buys gold & dumps US treasuries (Video)

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The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the start and stop progression of trade talks ,which appear to be leading towards an amicable separation, both economic and political, between the United States and China.

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“The World Acquires More Gold While China Is Dumping U.S. Treasuries by Rory for”, via The Daily Coin

We are told China’s economy is hurting, the “trade wars” are working and bringing China to it’s knees. From where I sit nothing could be further from the truth.

Currently China holds well north of $1 TRILLION in U.S. Treasuries – debt – that you and I, the tax payers of this country, send to interest payments month after month to China for them to continue holding our debt. It’s like the mortgage on your house, student loan or car note you have but instead of you getting anything for the debt payment you get to know the warmongers are going to purchase more bombs, weapons of all kinds and create more destruction. China, on the other hand, takes the payment and is building out the Belt and Road Initiative around the world. So, while we are working like slaves to pay our taxes, China is using our labor (taxes) paid to them to build a better global economic and financial system that does not include you and I. Pretty cool, aye?

While this is happening on one side of China’s national ledger sheet, on the other side something completely different is happening. China reentered the gold market seven months ago, in December 2018 and has added a little less than 74 tons to their official gold holdings of approximately 1,935+ tons of gold. Please keep in mind this does not count the known 80-100 tons per annum that is flowing in from Russia. While this is not a large volume of gold in the grand scheme, this has been going on since 2016 so we are now talking about upwards of 240 – 300 additional tons. This changes their “official” gold holdings from approximately 1,935 tons to somewhere north of 2,175+. It could be as high as 2,235 or more tons of gold.

With more and more central banks continuing to add to their gold hoards did China see the pipeline tightening? China made their exit from the market in October 2016, the same month the yuan / renminbi was added to the IMF basket of currencies accounting for the SDR global trade note. Then fourteen months later decided to jump back in and have been adding to their horde ever since.

Last year, central banks bought 651.5 tons, 74% up on the previous year, the World Gold Council said in January. Official sector purchases could reach 700 tons this year, assuming the China trend continues and Russia at least matches 2018 volumes of about 275 tons, Citigroup Inc. said in April. Buying from central banks in the first five months of this year is 73% higher than a year earlier, with Turkey and Kazakhstan joining China and Russia as the four biggest buyers, according to data released on Monday by the WGC. Source

If 2018 saw national / central banks acquiring more than they have since 1968 and this they are outpacing last year by 73% will this be the biggest year for gold national / central bank acquisitions in history? If not history it would have to be much earlier than 1968 since that record has already been breached.

With the global economic changes that are occurring we have been calling for some type of gold trade settlement for a number of years. We believe that Russia and China are on the cusp on making this change. We have no proof this going to happen this year or next, but all the signs are pointing in that direction. We believe, especially if China continues acquiring more “official” gold on the open market, there will be a gold trade settlement note announced before 2025. Possibly much sooner if the warmongers in Washington DC continue with the war drums over Iran. If President Trump listens to the war-pigs in the Pentagon this will not faire well for the U.S. economy and gold will be much in demand at all levels – from retail to government and everything in between. We pray this does not happen.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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King Midas
King Midas
July 15, 2019

Looks like Fort Knox is in for some hard knocks.

Magic Man In the Sky
Magic Man In the Sky
Reply to  King Midas
July 16, 2019

Fort Knox has been an empty echo-chamber for decades hasn’t it? $22 trillion national debt.

Matt Forester
Matt Forester
July 15, 2019

The Bretton Woods worked like this. Foreign central banks who owned US dollars could redeem those dollars for gold at the respective conversation rate. Trade wasn’t conducted in gold. Trade wasn’t conducted in US paper cash either. Trade was conducted on credit. US cash and reserves were used for settlement purposes, and converting reserves to gold was an option that foreign central banks had. The logic behind Bretton Woods has nothing to do with the Russian-Chinese situation. The only reason that countries like Russia, China, and Iran are purchasing gold is to hedge against inflation. They know that in the… Read more »

dennis morrisseau
July 17, 2019

Alex Christoforou has a “tin ear” for visual presentations. He is waaaaaaay too much present and at the beginning
of every damned piece you run–when you DON’T want to drive readers/watchers away.

For god’s sake find a new presenter!

July 17, 2019

Crapping all over your principal lender has never been a rational policy, The problem for the US is that this group currently in charge are trying to hang-on to /resurrect the past. Every fading Empire has tried the same tactic but endured the same results, the die is cast…..

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