Top 5 summer holiday destinations for single men

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Summer is in full swing, so for all the single men gearing up to head out of town and experience a few weeks of fun and debauchery with your mates, try out these travel destinations.

5. Valencia, Spain


A hidden gem and one of Spain’s best kept secrets. Valencia is the perfect place for a single man to experience all that Spain has too offer in a low profile setting. Valencia is famous for its marcha (nightlife) and for its bohemian bars. Brush up on your Spanish, it helps.

Go to: Start your bar crawl at Calle Alta, the historic Plaza del Ayuntamiento.  After a few drinks, switch gears and head for the beach, Playa Malvarrosa. Everyone from teens to 40-somethings can be seen in open-air bars and discos in this part of town. Find a Spanish chica and try dancing salsa at Akuarela Playa.

4. Crete (Hersonissos), Greece


If you’re looking for an island that has it all then Crete is it. Fly into Heraklion and go straight Hersonissos. About a 30 minute drive from Crete’s capital city, Hersonissos may not have the best beaches or offer picturesque scenery (for this go to Chania, Crete), but boy does this town know how to give a single man the action he needs.

Go to: Star Beach in the day. Have fun watching all the hotties dance on the bars, and drink some local raki (not too much you have to save some energy for later). At night head straight for Club New York (New York Beach Club)…hook up is practically guaranteed!

3. Ayia Napa, Cyprus


Ayia Napa is one of the best party places in the Mediterranean, with incredible crystal blue beaches and lots of action for all tastes. It’s Ibiza ‘light’, and for the single man, this can actually work to your advantage.

Go to: Nissi Beach in the day. Party gets started around 3:00 pm and runs up to 6:00 pm, with DJs spinning tunes in the summer sun (on my last visit to Ayia Napa I hung out with Flo Rida at Nissi beach bar). Get back to your hotel and get some rest because you have a long night ahead.  Hit the pre party bars next to the Napa Plaza Hotel for a chill out drink and some light flirting with all the Russian honeys who frequent the town. Then head into the main square and hit Castle Club or SOHO. Dress nice and you will really stick out (and clean up) from all the blue pill, beta tourist ‘boys’ sludging around the square in flip flops trying to score.

2. St. Petersburg, Russia


Get away from the summer heat and cool down in St. Petersburg. Arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe with the absolutely the most beautiful women in the world.  Take in the white nights (belye nochi) that St. Petersburg is famous for. Summer in St. Pertersburg means day game 24 hours long.

Go to: Start out at Azimut Sky Bar & Lounge for a relaxing drink, great scenery, and pre nightclub game. Hit Tsvetochki Bar and sample amazing drinks, or go straight to Metro Club and work your magic with the local Russian women. St. Petersburg is a constant bombardment of amazingly hot women…its overwhelming at times, but also an experience every single man should have at least once in their lifetime.

1. Varna, Bulgaria

varna Xtravaganzza

Varna has been on the rise as a top tourist spot since 2006.  It is the sea capital of Bulgaria, and even though it is a bit off the beaten track, you cannot go wrong with a summer trip to Varna.

Go to: Varna is a beach town. Spend most of your day hanging out at the beach and don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with the hundreds of beautiful, bikini clad, Bulgarian girls…it will pay big dividends come nighttime. Drink an ice cold beer at La Playa to wind down and prepare for a night of hard core clubbing ahead. Hit Xtravaganzza or Horizont after 10:00 pm. Dress appropriately. Take in all the beautiful scenery, enjoy the friendly atmosphere, dance, and work the room like a champ. Bulgarian women are super friendly, feminine and love foreign men who have tight game and a winning attitude.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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