Three simple Mike Chang ab workouts that will get you on your way to summer abs that rock [Video]

Why is Mike Chang awesome? Because he cuts through a lot of bullshit advice out their and just delivers straight up effective workout routines for all strength levels. So as we approach the heart of summer we thought we would share three Mike Chang ab workout videos that you can do from home, or on the road, that will get your abs in top shape, and keep them looking good all summer long.

The 100 Reps Ab Workout

So easy to do yet absolutely killer. Want sculpted abs, then do this.


How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

Love handles, a man’s worst enemy. Find out how to demolish those handles once and for all.


A Simple Daily Ab Workout

An ab workout for everyone. This workout has it all, upper, lower’s intense but easy to follow and master.

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July 19, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Three simple Mike Chang #AbWorkouts that will get you on your way to #summer abs that rock [Video]

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