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The Syrian Army Is Appointing on “Aleppo – Lattakia” Highway – Idlib Battle Is Approaching

Submitted by Khaled Iskef…

The field developments return to the front of the Syrian events, after the cautious calm that lasted for several months in the north of the country coinciding with the implementation of the Russian-Turkish agreement on conducting joint patrols on the “M4” road known as “Aleppo-Lattakia” highway.

The reopening of the road from Raqqa, through Aleppo, to Lattakia, is now at the forefront of Syrian army’s next strategic goals, though the beginning of the “M4” highway starts in the eastern side of the country, specifically from the areas controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. The past days have witnessed huge Syrian military movements towards this highway in a sign that the Syrian forces are ready to start military action and open the road, which if it occurs, will have a significant positive impact on trade movement throughout the country in light of the circumstances due to the procedures of the blockade imposed by Washington.

Speaking of the field in the Syrian north, it is certain that Turkey did not succeed in fulfilling its obligations to the Russians about isolating terrorist organizations and keeping them out of the way, as the Russian and Turkish sides, shortly after the battle to secure Aleppo and reopen the M5 “Aleppo – Damascus” International highway, agreed that the militants should move away / 6 / kilometers to the north and south of the “M4”, knowing that the distance outside the control of the Syrian army, which links Aleppo to Lattakia, is estimated to be 60 kilometers.

The end of September 2020 was scheduled to be the Russian deadline for the Turks to implement their obligations, but the terrorist operation carried out by “Khattab Al-Checheni Brigades” targeting a Russian patrol on the road with a suicide operation, accelerated the launch of the military operation, which is expected to be early next month according to private sources. The Syrian army’s build-up and preparations have been completed, with confirmed information of the arrival of modern Russian weapons to the Syrian army, in addition to the army’s ongoing targeting of armed points on Hama and Idlib countryside axes, such as Kansafra, Al-Fateira, Kafr Ouid, and several villages of Jabal Zawiya.

If launched, the military operation is expected to be swift and decisive in case the Turkish side does not interfere directly or take any step that would hinder it in northern Syria. It is noteworthy that the military operation of the Syrian army had stopped after securing Aleppo city in the west and reopening the international highway, the main connection between the south and center of the country to the north.

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Olivia Kroth
July 29, 2020

This text about Syria coming from the “American Herald Tribune” needs to be read with caution. The US has spread a lot of fake news about Syria so far …

Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh
July 29, 2020

“The Syrian Army Is Appointing on “Aleppo – Lattakia” Highway…”
The word “appointing” has been wrongly translated. A better English alternative would be “concentrating” or “focusing”.

Olivia Kroth
July 29, 2020

Wrong wording here:  “specifically from the areas controlled by the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces” ! There are no such forces, there are only either terrorists or Syrian Armed Forces, which are Government Forces.

Coming Home to Roost
Coming Home to Roost
July 29, 2020

The US sparks devastating civil wars/invasions in Syria, Libya and Ukraine, creates refugee tsunamis into Europe and expects the rest of the world to create order out of its purposeful chaos.

Or does it expect that? Maybe its just a foreign-focused anarchist and not a democrat at heart? Anyone notice Barr’s testimony in Congress yesterday?

“violent rioters and anarchists” have “hijacked” the protests over George Floyd’s death “to wreak senseless havoc and destruction on innocent victims.”

Replace ‘anarchists’ with ‘banderite brown shirt fascists’ (and their western enablers) and voila!…. MAIDAN. Enjoy.

Last edited 10 months ago by Coming Home to Roost
Fra Hughes
July 30, 2020

If true this is good news

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