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The Rise of Russian Crimea (VIDEO)

The Rise of Russian Crimea (VIDEO)

A piece featured The Duran about two weeks ago noted that the Crimean “takeover”, as it is called by the West, is anything but a descent into the darkness of live under the evil overlord President Vladimir Putin.

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As a matter of fact, the (real) referendum and vote that was taken in 2014 has not been redone, nor have the people in Crimea expressed any regret over rejoining the Russian Federation.

Yes, “rejoining.” Crimea was “given” to Ukraine by the General Secretary of the Soviet Union, Nikita Kruschev in 1954. However, it was part of Russia from the time of the Russian defeat of the Ottomans in the late 18th century. In Russia, as in Westernism-infected Ukraine, the fate and status of Crimea is a hot topic.

Russians often are heard to say things like “Crimea is Russia. It was always Russia!” – which is not exactly true. But it is true that the peninsula was part of the Russian Empire for well over 160 years when it was transferred to the Ukrainian SSR by Kruschev. The Ukrainian claims take more liberties with history still. Ethnically, the peninsula is primarily populated by Russian people.

The Ukrainians’ own claims about the peninsula and the aid given by the West (which has its own motives about this place) has provided a convenient set of alibis to lead the world into concluding that Crimea was “invaded” by Russian forces working clandestinely. This of course infers that the people in Crimea are under the thumb of those horrible Russian leaders, especially that evil guy, Vladimir Putin.

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However, reality shows a different tale. There has never been a protest over the rejoining to Russia, even though live got hard for the Crimean people for a bit when Ukraine cut their energy lines. Alternative journalists such as Peter Phillips have repeatedly done interviews of the Crimean people and they all express great satisfaction with the decision of the republic to rejoin the Russian Federation as a federal subject.

This report from Vesti News tells the story further as the peninsula continues to recover from years of poor upkeep under the Ukrainian government and they tell the story of how this strategic republic is becoming a symbol and “star” of the New Russia. Watch below:

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AM Hants
AM Hants

Funnily enough, the article has just reminded me of a brilliant article, over on The Saker, involving Alexander Mercouris. Such a wonderful exchange of legal reasons as to why the UN will no longer cover the subject, let alone return to it.

The Saker poses a legal question to Alexander Mercouris (email exchange)…

regolo gellini
regolo gellini

Well done Russia ! Crimea has always been russian and if a drunk Kroushev gave it to UKR, it does not mean that its inhabitants, that are russians cannot choose to go back to their land .
Said that, how can these sobs from the UN and US dare to speak after having stolen Kossovo from the serbs and financed the bloody take over of UKR by the nazis ?


I think this is great!

Bill Spence
Bill Spence

Nice to see that entrepreneurial capitalism is thriving in Crimea. The development is impressive.

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