The real reason Western media & CIA turned against Saudi MBS

Via RT…

Forces are aligning against Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince, lead by elements within the CIA and strong players in the mainstream media. But what is really behind this deterioration in relationship, and what are its implications?

Following the brutal murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi, western media and various entities, including the CIA, appear to have turned their back on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS). In response to the scandal, the Guardian released a video which its celebutante, Owen Jones, captioned“Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest threats on Earth. Time to stop propping up its repulsive regime.”

The Guardian was not alone in its condemnation. “It’s high time to end Saudi impunity,” wrote Hana Al-Khamri in Al-Jazeera. “It’s time for Saudi Arabia to tell the truth on Jamal Khashoggi,” the Washington Post’s Editorial Board argued. Politico called it “the tragedy of Jamal Khashoggi.”

Even shadowy think-tanks like the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Atlantic Council released articles criticising Saudi Arabia in the wake of Khashoggi’s death.

A number of companies began backing away from Saudi money after the journalist’s death, including the world’s largest media companies such as the New York Times, the Economist’s editor-in-chief Zanny Minton Beddoes, Arianna Huffington, CNN, CNBC, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, Google Cloud CEO, just to name a few.

The CIA concluded that MBS personally ordered Khashoggi’s death, and was reportedly quite open in its provision of this assessment. Antonio Guterres, secretary-general of the UN, also took time out of his schedule to express concern over Saudi Arabia’s confirmation of the killing.

At the time of the scandal, former CIA director John Brennan went on MSNBC to state that the Khashoggi’s death would be the downfall of MBS. Furthermore, the US Senate just voted in favour of ending American involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen (a somewhat symbolic victory, though this is a topic for another article), but nonetheless was a clear stab at MBS personally.

The only person who appeared to continue to uphold America’s unfaltering support for MBS, even after all the publicly made evidence against MBS, was the US president himself. So after years of bombarding Yemen, sponsoring terror groups across the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and beyond, why is it only now that there has been mounting opposition to Saudi Arabia’s leadership? Let’s just bear in mind that western media had spent years investing in a heavy PR campaign to paint MBS as a “reformer.”

Former national security adviser under Barack Obama’s second term, Susan Rice, wrote an article in the New York Times, in which she called MBS a “partner we can’t depend on.” Rice concludes that MBS is “not and can no longer be viewed as a reliable partner of the United States and our allies.” But why is this? Is it because MBS is responsible for some of the most egregious human rights abuses inside his own kingdom as well as in Yemen? Is it because of MBS’ support for groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda? No, according to Rice, we “should not rupture our important relationship with the kingdom, but we must make it clear it cannot be business as usual so long as Prince Mohammad continues to wield unlimited power.”

One will observe that the latter segment of Rice’s article almost mirrors former CIA director Brennan’s word on MSNBC word for word who stated that:

“I think ultimately this is going to come out. And it’s very important for us to maintain the relations with Saudi Arabia. And if it’s Mohammed bin Salman who’s the cancer here, well, we need to be able to find ways to eliminate the cancer and to move forward with this relationship that is critical to regional stability and our national interests.”

In reality, this is probably the issue that western media and government advisors have taken up with MBS. Aside from the fact he allegedly held a huge hand in the brutal murder of one of their own establishment journalists (Saudi Arabia reportedly tortured and killed another journalist not long after Khashoggi, but western media was eerily silent on this incident) MBS is not opposed for his reckless disregard for human rights. With insight into Rice’s mindset, we actually learn that if the US were to punish MBS, he would be likely to “behave more irresponsibly to demonstrate his independence and exact retribution against his erstwhile Western partners.”

You see, the problem with MBS isn’t that he is a mass murdering war criminal, it is that he is too “independent” for the United States’ liking.

Last week, Saudi Arabia and the other major oil producers met in Vienna at the year’s final big OPEC meeting of the year. As Foreign Policy notes, Saudi Arabia remains the largest oil producer inside OPEC but has to contend with the US and Russia who are “pumping oil at record levels.” Together, the three countries are the world’s biggest oil producers, meaning any coordinated decision made between these three nations can be somewhat monumental.

However, it appears that one of these three nations will end up drawing the short end of the stick as the other two begin forming a closer alliance. As Foreign Policy explains:

“But Saudi Arabia has bigger game in mind at Vienna than just stabilizing oil prices. Recognizing that it can’t shape the global oil market by itself anymore but rather needs the cooperation of Russia, Saudi Arabia is hoping to formalize an ad hoc agreement between OPEC and Moscow that began in 2016, a time when dirt-cheap oil also posed a threat to oil-dependent regimes. That informal agreement expires at the end of the year, but the Saudis would like to make Russia’s participation with the cartel more permanent.”

Russian officials have been signalling their intention to formalise this agreement for quite some time now. Given the hysteria in western media about any and all things Russian, it is not too much of a stretch to suggest that this is the kind of news that is not sitting too well with the powers-that-be.

Earlier this year, Russia and Saudi Arabia announced that it would “institutionalize” the two-year-old bilateral agreement to coordinate oil production targets in order to maintain an edge on the global market.

While US president Trump has been supportive and incredibly defensive of MBS during this “crisis”, the truth is that the US only has itself to blame. It was not all too long ago that Trump announced that he had told Saudi King Salman that his kingdom would not last two weeks without US support.

Saudi Arabia is learning for themselves quite quickly that, ultimately, it may pay not to have all its eggs in one geopolitical superpower basket.

Saudi Arabia has been increasingly interested in Moscow since King Salman made a historic visit to Moscow in October 2017. While Trump has openly bragged about his record-breaking arms deals with the Saudis, the blunt truth is that the $110 billion arms agreements were reportedly only ever letters of interest or intent, but not actual contracts. As such, the US-Saudi arms deal is still yet to be locked in, all the while Saudi Arabia is negotiating with Russia for its S-400 air defence system. This is, as the Washington Post notes, despite repeated US requests to Saudi Arabia for it disavow its interest in Russia’s arms.

The economic threat that an “independent” Saudi Arabia under MBS’ leadership poses to Washington runs deeper than meets the eye and may indeed have a domino effect. According to CNN, Russia and Saudi Arabia “are engaged in an intense battle over who will be the top supplier to China, a major energy importer with an insatiable appetite for crude.”

The unveiling of China’s petro-yuan poses a major headache for Washington and its control over Saudi Arabia as well.According to Carl Weinberg, chief economist and managing director at High-Frequency Economics, China will “compel”Saudi Arabia to trade oil in Chinese yuan instead of US dollars. One must bear in mind that China has now surpassed the US as the “biggest oil importer on the planet,” these direct attacks on the US dollar will have huge implications for its current world reserve status.

If Saudi Arabia jumps on board China’s petro-yuan, the rest of OPEC will eventually follow, and the US might be left with no choice but to declare all of these countries in need of some vital freedom and democracy.

Therefore, ousting MBS and replacing him with a Crown Prince who doesn’t stray too far from the tree that is US imperialism may put a dent in pending relationships with Saudi Arabia and Washington’s adversaries, Russia and China.

Once we get over the certainty that the US media and the CIA are not against MBS for his long-list of human rights abuses, the question then becomes: why – why now, and in this manner, have they decided to put the spotlight on MBS and expose him exactly for what he is.

Clearly, the driving force behind this media outrage is a bit more complex than first meets the eye.

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Olivia Kroth
December 15, 2018

‘The problem with MBS isn’t that he is a mass murdering war criminal, it is that he is too “independent” for the United States’ liking.’

Very true: The Saudi Crown Prince has “mass murdered” a lot less people than the US Presidents, ordering mass murders in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, to name just a few of their unholy and unjustified wars.

Bravo MBS! He is not scared to show the world his good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is a courageous young man, a fit ruler for Saudi Arabia.

Reply to  Olivia Kroth
December 15, 2018

I agree and he needs to learn to “out smart” the numpties in USA which shouldn’t take much doing!. He is what he is and I believe he’s trying to do his best for his country. It takes a brave man to turn decades of tradition / history on it’s head!.

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
December 15, 2018

A sneaky ZioYank/Turk deflection game from fellow sicko mass-murdering coward-pervert war criminals. They all tried the same deceit with Qatar before – except the two-faced Turks who just keep surreptitiously abetting remorphed terrorists with false-flagging US’A-hole’ while slyly pretending to hate each other. A perfect distraction triangle of attempted disorientation. This contrived ruse fools only the dumbest of the dumb.

December 15, 2018

Russia better not forget that Saudi has supplied the terrorists with arms in Syria and Iraq, so have been part of arming their allies enemy’s. Look at the mess in Yemen. Russia is better off independent of these snakes.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Tjoe
December 15, 2018

Russia and Saudi Arabia are the two petroleum superpowers that account for about a quarter of the world’s crude oil production between them.
So President Putin and the Saudi Crown Prince have decided to cooperate on the world markets. It is their common interest to cooperate.

Ray Joseph Cormier
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
December 16, 2018

Together, they will have the power to collapse the US Economy like the US is doing with Iran.

The LORD does work in mysterious ways!

Darryl Secret
Darryl Secret
December 15, 2018

The CIA set up the KSA to eliminate Khashoggi, so that relations will deteriorate to the point that U$A/Israel will regime change the KSA, and steal the oil. Then, if that doesn’t fail, go after Iran

Reply to  Darryl Secret
December 15, 2018

I understand what you’re saying but – KSA, Iran and Syria are aligned with Russia and we all know just how smart President Putin is. That man can “out smart” the combined total of western (NATO) politicians in his sleep!.

Digital Samizdat
Digital Samizdat
December 15, 2018

Yup. Exactly what I thought.

Walter Du Blanica
December 15, 2018

Vlad & MBS control the largest reserves of oil in the world. At the Buenos Aeries conference they were seen giggling together. They know that their combined strength will have great influence over the world.

Flying Gabriel
Flying Gabriel
December 15, 2018

Still can’t pick a false flag? Do you think it had anything to do with a previous “clean-out” of criminals within SA? It’s obvious to any who are familiar with the pattern that Kashoggi’s death was a CIA / Mossad run operation designed to bring down MBS simply because they no longer control him. Just look at the factions pushing this … the CIA and the mockingbird media. How obvious does it have to get for you?

December 18, 2018

By other reports, cia deepstate mockingbird ‘turned its back’ on MBS before Khashoggi and that Khashoggi is a direct result.
Sibel Edmonds, reporting from Turkey [NEWSBUD] that the either staged or real killing of Khashoggi was and still is, a western intelligence operation against MBS directly. That this ‘killing’ is a false flag type operational coup attempt with the ‘two bird//one stone’ bonus of attacking Trump as well.

February 3, 2019

The US seems to think the utterance of the phrase :it is in our national interest” gives them a licence to do what ever they want.
There is no difference between the government/leaders of Germany cira 1933/45 and the US

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