The main takeaway from Scotland's NO vote summarised by these two amazing comments

Scotland has made its decision. No need to go into detail or analyse the vote and what it means.
I do want to share two comments from zerohedge that I found fascinating.
First the angry, but honest, comment…

I hope the bullshit BBC/Hollywood propaganda machine will stop with this never ending mythology makin [sic], about those poor “rebel Scots, those oppressed Scots” that just wanted Freeeeeeeeeeedom from England and they could be their fucking awesome, independent selves!!!
If you want to be free, you want to control your own destiny and culture and be called Scots, then you fucking take the responsibility that goes with it, or pack up those kilts and bagpipes and get your British asses to work like the rest of the servents and slaves!!
If they voted like those people in Crimea, it would be 90-10 for Freedom and there would be any “fraud” possible, but it looks like the “Scots” might just be good little loyal servants to the Crown after all!
“They vote NO tonight and everyone can STFU about “Braveheart” and “Outlander”, its nothing more then tourism propaganda!

And now the level headed, hopeful comment…

If 45% of the people in the US voted to secede, it would be a big fucking deal. I’d like to believe it’s the same in Scotland. People think the US is polarized politically, but it’s a global phenomenon. Plenty of people want to be free to chart their own course in this world, but the boot of oppressive government stomps all over those dreams.
The train has left the station. I’m not saying we’ve won or anything, because it looks like the votes will come up short tonight. But I am saying that it’ll become increasingly difficult for the powers that be to keep roughly half the population in check.
And don’t let yourselves be fooled — the people who want to be free are infinitely more motivated than the people who long to be nursed by a nanny state.


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