The IMF just committed suicide. Says it will still bailout Ukraine even after it defaults on its debt to Russia

The IMF is self destructing and showing that it is indeed just another appendage of US empire.

If the IMF proceeds to loan money to the neo-nazis in Ukraine, even after they have defaulted on government to government debt (strictly prohibited according to IMF rules)…can we thus conclude that it’s acceptable for Greece to not pay back its debt, which many economists and Greek MPs consider questionable as well.

Even worse…the IMF money will go, not to the people of Ukraine, but into the pockets of the most corrupt oligarchs on earth.

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50 bmg API
50 bmg API
October 31, 2015

Then you wonder why almost all decent goy despises the filthy Talmudic money-changing nation wrecking whores!

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Pathetic! US Senator Lindsey Graham is clueless on Syria…but still wants to rule the country from his thrown in the US Senate