The Hunt for Red October. Is the Swedish submarine "thriller" for real or just another made up story?

Baltic sates, you have absolutely nothing to worry about with Russia, because you have nothing of real value to offer Russia. You are an energy customer and trade partner to Russia, and your business is appreciated, but that’s as far as it goes. No one, not even ISIS, wants to invade you. You guys are 100% safe.
Well not completely safe. NATO does want to militarize your country, the EU wants to plunder your economy, and Monsato is waiting to sell you GMO chicken. Russia is probably the last thing you should be worried about.
Unfortunately for the world, the State Department’s false flag production outfit sure are trying really hard to develop a story line around the Baltic states. The latest East vs. West subplot involves a mysterious, stranded “Russian” submarine, Swedish military commandos, and more NATO “grainy” satellite pics.
The problem is no one is interested in the pitch…and so the storyline is dying a quick death. What the State Department and mass media have on their hands is a box office bomb.
The entire “submarine” story is, after all, a bad clone of the classic John Clancy tale, “The Hunt for Red October” minus the awesome Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin. Instead we have B level actors like Sweden’s “I hate everything Russian” Carl Bildt or Lithuania’s “Russia will invade us” Dalia Grybauskaitė.
I myself am beginning to think that the propaganda machine in the west is running out of interesting ideas suitable for mass consumption. Even the MSM marketing muscle behind such fantasy is having a hard time selling this story.
Just breaking down the first opening scenes of this recent promo piece from Reuters makes for some really bad theater:

It has all the makings of a Cold War thriller — an emergency military deployment with stealth ships and helicopters hunting for a foreign submarine in the Stockholm archipelago. Grainy photographs of a mysterious vessel. Sightings of a black-clad man wading in shallow coastal waters.
Whether it was caused by paranoia or a secret naval mission, Sweden’s biggest military mobilization since the Cold War over the last three days has underscored growing concerns about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s intentions in the Baltic Sea region.

Cold War referencing…dramatic! Stealth ships and helicopters “hunting” down a sub in an archipelago…how hard is it to find a stranded sub with mechanical troubles 30 miles off your coast, especially with NATO/US technology?
And what is up with seeing a black-clad man in shallow water. Obviously I forgot the memo that said we were moving on from little green men to black suited men…Anyway, let me help you Swedish guys out…
Maybe this was the guy you are referring to:
And it gets better…

In just over a month, an Estonian intelligence officer has been reported abducted by Russian forces, Finland has complained of Russian interference with one of its research vessels, and Sweden has lodged an official protest over a “serious violation” when Russian warplanes entered its air space.
With shades of Frederick Forsyth, the maritime mystery has fired the imagination of the region. Moscow has denied it has any submarine in mechanical trouble in Sweden’s waters, but nervous governments fear that the Baltic Sea could become the next flashpoint with Russia after Ukraine.

Ah yes, “intelligence officer,” not spy…because the only spying going on in Europe is carried out by the NSA.
And of course Reuters has to mention that a Finnish “vessel” was “bombarded” with Russian “interference,” meaning a Finnish fishing boat had its hard rock radio station jammed with local St. Petersburg pop music.
Of course no Russian invasion is complete without confirmation from…twitter:

“This may become a game-changer for the security in the whole Baltic Sea region,” tweeted Edgars Rinkevics, foreign minister of Latvia, where officials say there has been a marked increase in Russian submarines and ships navigating close to their territorial waters.
The search in the Baltic Sea, less than 30 miles (50 km) from Stockholm, began on Friday and reawakened memories of the final years of the Cold War, when Sweden repeatedly chased suspected Soviet submarines along its coast with depth charges.

But alas, after all the build up, the plot once again falls apart because (as Reuters casually reports):

…there have also been many false alarms. In the 1980s, the military on several occasions thought it had detected submarines, only to find the underwater sounds had been made by minks or otters.
The military say they are now looking for a submarine, a mini-submarine or even divers amid the thousands of islands near Stockholm, many of them popular holiday destinations. On Monday a no-fly zone was declared around the search area.

Really…minks and otters. The Swedish military is now looking for scuba divers holidaying off its coast.
Maybe the State Department can work on a Russian plot to take over a downtown LA skyscraper with dynamite hidden on the roof, only to be thwarted by an off duty New York police detective with no shoes and a gun taped to his back. “Yippee Ki Yay Mo—!”
Could work???

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