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The humourless MSM versus the good-time Donald

Some of the reactions from MSM pundits to Donald Trump’s uproarious video depicting Trump body-slamming a man with a CNN logo for a head, have been accidentally hilarious themselves.

The video Trump posted was from an old guest appearance Trump made on WWE, the popular pro-wrestling league. Much like the mainstream media, pro-wrestling is fake, it is theatre, it is fiction, but unlike mainstream media programming, it is generally far more entertaining.

In the video Trump was seen wrestling WWE owner Vince McMahon who often plays himself during tournaments, to the ground. However, in the new video, McMahon’s head was replaced by a cartoon CNN logo.

To most people it was a funny video, not least because of the l0w-level graphics which nevertheless made a point. To others, it was the clearest indication yet that President Trump continues to acknowledge the mainstream media for what it is, a fifth column who seek to undermine his leadership using whatever lies they can convince of.

CNN called it “anti-freedom of the press”, while the Guardian said that the Tweet encouraged violence against journalists. The Guardian then printed an op-ed from Robert Reich saying that Trump had “attacked democracy“.

These hysterical remarks indicate that the MSM not only take themselves too seriously but that they take pro-wrestling, seriously. This in spite of the fact that pro-wrestling is a stage theatrical spectacle.

Donald Trump’s Tweet was a joke. It showed Donald Trump metaphorically pummelling a cartoon CNN and whether the mainstream media knows it or not, CARTOONS ARE NOT REAL. They are fake, just like the ‘fake news’ on mainstream media.

The idea that a silly Tweet which made an important point could somehow be understood as a call for violence shows that the MSM pundits are willing to say anything, no matter how outlandish in order to attack Trump. It also shows that the liberal-left have zero sense of humour. Their entire political programme is a combination of hysteria, pseudo-anger, identitarian doubt-speak that no one in the real world really understands (nor case to do) and a grim cynical view of the world which they seek to dominate from the position of self-proclaimed American exceptionalism. America had it with the Obama years and most voters do not want it a second longer.

Rather than make up lies, the mainstream media would have been well served to simply take the joke on the chin. They could have even responded with another joke Tweet of their own to lighten the mood.

The fact of the matter is that Donald Trump is among the most democratic Presidents in recent American history. When a President feels he has to constrain his own Constitutionally allowed exercise of free speech out of some fear of the fifth columnists in mainstream media, that is a supine attack on democracy. An elected official communicating directly with voters and potential voters is by contrast, democracy in its purest form.

Donald Trump explained it succinctly in a Tweet of his own,

Donald Trump is correct, it is modern day Presidential. The scandal here is that the mainstream media have been allowed to bamboozle US politician after US politician into speaking and acting in certain ways, even though these ways are often contrary to the views and methods of communication a politician was elected represent.

There is nothing more democratic than a direct dialogue with the people (demos) for which democracy gets its name.

Donald Trump’s ability to speak directly to the world is what really has the mainstream media worried. Their big budget studios and overpaid staff are now increasingly useless. POTUS can now outdo them using a phone which costs a few hundred Dollars and a Twitter app that is free.

Donald Trump is winning the information war and he is using modern technology and old-school democracy to do it. This is the real scandal–the MSM have been exposed as not being needed nor particularly wanted.

Rather than downsize and reinvent themselves, the MSM continue to cling onto old shibboleths, discredited narratives and outdated styles of communication. CNN is no longer (not that it ever really was) a platform for democracy or journalistic scrutiny, it is merely a private club preaching to fellow members whose numbers continue to decrease.

Those with no sense of humour will never be able to win hearts and minds. Most people don’t want constant doom and gloom. Even in dangerous and depressing times in history, black humour is often the best way of getting by and making the best of things. The straight-faced glumness of CNN and other MSM pundits is not what people want. They want humour, they want assertiveness, they want openness and they have that in Donald Trump.

For whatever policy mistakes Donald Trump will make and indeed in foreign policy he has already made many, in terms of style he is the man of today and probably also the man of tomorrow. CNN are men and women of yesterday and it is time for them come to terms with this.

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