The Guardian uncovers EU army ready to deploy to Libya under false pretence of taking on smugglers. EU’s real goal is to colonise Libyan oil production

The smoke is starting to clear around the Libyan crisis and its connection with the flow of migrants trying to enter EU territory. An EU Strategy Paper for Libya obtained by the Guardian, and reported on Russia Insider, is about as sinister as it gets.

The EU is orchestrating a migrant crisis in order to obtain a UN mandate to send the first official EU boots on the ground to Libya in order to destroy “migrant smugglers”…the real goal however has nothing to do with smugglers and everything to do with good old European colonisation of African resources.

The Strategy Paper notes that the EU army will indeed kill smugglers, as well as many civilians but ultimately the operation’s purpose is to take over and secure Libya’s oil fields. The EU will then use Libya’s oil production to pump energy to the European Union.

The idea is heavily backed by Washington who see this as a viable option to lessening Europe’s dependance on Russian energy.

So their you have it. Junker gets his EU army, Libyan migrant problem is literally killed off, and Europe solves its Russian energy dependance. What could possibly go wrong?

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May 19, 2015

The West is showing its true nature, that of a neocolonialist nightmare. They have already murdered untold millions since at least 1990 but no amount of blood on their hands is enough.

May 19, 2015

Russia should veto it when the EU/US attempt this second attack on Libya.

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