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The Great Asylum Racket

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

Does a nation have the right to protect its own borders? Western nations don’t, according to every contender for the Democratic Presidential nomination. To a man and woman these politically correct morons voted to decriminalise illegal migration into the United States, effectively opening its borders. Europe has seen similar calls from the usual ragbag leftist mobs: “No one is illegal!” is one of their slogans. “Refugees welcome here” is another. And anyone who opposes this policy can only be racist, right?

Yet curiously there appears to be a never ending stream of refugees, economic migrants and bogus asylum seekers trying desperately to get into racist Europe, especially the UK, and almost all these immigrants come from non-white nations.

Bogus asylum seekers? Yes, with extremely rare exceptions – like Malala Yousafzai who came to England as a medical emergency – almost all asylum seekers are bogus. Last month, the BBC ran a story about a woman from liberated Zimbabwe. Her name is Angel, and she claims to be a lesbian. She is said to have fled her country five years ago after the police found her in bed with another woman. Not only that, she was forced into marriage with an abusive husband, she has a young daughter she left behind (read deserted), and she was raped by two men in an act of what South Africans call corrective rape.

Can you hear the violins yet? Regarding the rape allegation, every woman who claims asylum in the UK and other predominantly white nations claims to have been raped. Every one with precious few exceptions. Some are caught out, most are not, but one of the few who was, is Amine Muse.

On December 1, 1998, she saw her brothers murdered in Somalia, where she was also gang-raped. At least, that was the sob story she told immigration officials. An investigation proved she could not have witnessed these (imaginary) murders anymore than she could have been raped by soldiers, the secret police or whoever because she had been living in Sweden since 1995! She also went by the name Ayan Abdulle, and although she was granted Swedish citizenship, she is probably not originally from Somalia. In January 2011, she was given a four and a half year sentence at Harrow Crown Court for fraud.

Far, far worse than her was Beatrice Munyenyezi (pictured above), who also had a sob story to tell when she turned up in Manchester, New Hampshire in 1998. Rather than the usual rape canard she claimed to have been the victim of political persecution. In 2013, she was given a ten year sentence and stripped of her American citizenship when it came to light she had taken an active part in the Rwandan genocide!

Coming back to Angel, Britain does not need anymore lesbians, it has more than enough of its own, but let’s not talk about Harriet Wistrich and Julie Bindel. A woman who is married with a daughter can hardly claim to be a lesbian, bisexual yes, but so what? Did she really have to seek asylum in the UK? Couldn’t she have gone to South Africa which is not only much nearer but far less racist?

If a fake rape victim is admitted to the UK at the drop of a hat, one would think, hope, a convicted rapist would be kicked out. Not so. Somali national Abdalla Hemed turned up in Scotland as a refugee. That was in 2002. In July 2004, he raped a woman in his apartment. He was arrested for that rape, and on August 1, 2006, he was granted bail. The following day he raped another woman at knifepoint. In December 2006, he tried to rape another woman, again at knifepoint, and eight days later tried to rape yet another woman whom he had lured to his apartment.

Considering the sentence Harvey Weinstein is facing after his conviction of two rapes on dubious evidence but without aggravating features, Hemed appears to have been lucky to be released while he can still walk without a Zimmer frame, yet he was parolled in September 2013. At this point he should surely have been deported, and that was the intention of the Home Secretary, future Prime Minister Theresa May. However, Hemed appealed the deportation order, and the Inner House of the Court of Session ruled in his favour.

Asylum seeking is a racket, one that exists because it is extremely profitable both politically and financially, in the latter case for lawyers, immigration consultants and many others who make a comfortable living out of it. Then there are the NGOs who seem intent on flooding Europe with unassimilable immigrants. The mainstream media is largely complicit in this scam, and few politicians have the backbone to stand up to it. The mere word “racist” is enough to silence most of them.

Now though, with the rise of international terrorism and the current coronavirus crisis, the time has come for America and Europe to say “No mas!” Years ago, a fringe far right politician suggested the best way to stop this seemingly endless flood would be to sink a couple of refugee boats. To that one might add that instead of building his wall, Donald Trump would have been better to declare a hundred metre no man’s land between the US and Mexico. Anyone who stepped inside it without proper authorisation would be shot on sight.

If these two suggestions sound drastic, they would have worked. True, there would have been howls of indignation from all manner of “civil liberties” groups and “anti-fascists”, like those who routinely denounce and even attack Trump supporters, but in the medium term and most definitely the long term, they would have saved countless lives.

The instigation of Draconian anti-illegal immigration measures does not mean we should not help these people, indeed we should, but there are positive ways to do it. One is by the development of open source technology including investment in solar energy. On a continent where the Sun never stops shining there should be a constant source of electricity. Another way is by cancelling much of Africa’s debt. As like the national debts of Western nations, much of this debt is created out of thin air, there is no reason it can’t be vanished into thin air, and if a few hedge funds have to take a haircut, tough.

Another and extremely important way of helping Africa is to stop supplying its governments with weapons. A nation that can afford arms on the scale of liberated Zimbabwe can afford to feed its people. Curiously, when Zimbabwe was Rhodesia and ruled by a handful of whites, it provided all its people with a higher standard of living than all its black African neighbours, but that’s another story.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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March 2, 2020

How many tax payer funded NGOs are heavily involved in hu man trafficking? Sorass ‘Open policy foundation’ is just one that comes to mind. How much does US Aid provide to Sorass?

Malcolm Redbank
Malcolm Redbank
June 17, 2020

I have long been convinced that asylum is a racket. The system is based on out of date treaties i.e. the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol. Some countries e.g Indonesia, Malaysia have signed neither. Ludicrously, others, like Monaco and the Vatican have. France could do the UK a favour by forcing all of those in Calais camps into Monaco and Italy should try sending hordes of its unwanted over the wall into the Holy See. Unfortunately, no mainstream politicians in Britain seem capable of understanding let alone articulating that one of the reasons we are so plagued… Read more »

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