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The Enemy Within part 2

The Enemy Within. part 2

Here is a list of Globalist Socialist Sanctuary Cities in the UK.

These Civil Servants will do “Whatever it Takes” that the EU/UN asks them to do.

They have already installed the killer 5G Radiation Grid in the UK, Joined up the County of Civil Servants into a network of Climate Emergency task force.

They have already combined their independent computer systems into one to collate all your dats. The Police, The NHS, The Council, the Courts, your personal files.

They have already started taking money out of your Council Tax for the Globalist World Government Carbon Tax.

They have already introduced LGBT porn & paedophilia in our Primary schools, Child Grooming.

They have been paid millions of pound in bribes to bring in migrants, to house them & give them benefits.

Click to access 5G_Sanctuary.pdf

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