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The Danger of Extremism

Let’s face it – we as the human race have to share this world, and adjust ourselves accordingly.

Each and every societal group, just like the individuals that make them up, have their own ideals, goals, aspirations, belief systems, morals, values and opinions.

And we as a human race must learn to listen to one another, make up our own minds, and then try and forge a world in which we can all live and co-exist peacefully.

But what happens when one group or ideology has more money, power, political influence, technological superiority, or even military or nuclear weaponry to impose its value systems and beliefs on others?

What happens then, if that relatively powerful group or ideology begins to take on or admit extremist ideology perspectives into its folds, thus rendering another group oppressed or stifled without any recourse, both legally and equitably?

When this occurs in human society, on a global scale, other members of the human race must intervene, and intervene quickly.

Various illuminated members of the human race must say something, to avoid the trampling over of others who are less powerful, less monetized, less well off militarily, and relatively voiceless.

Extremism is usually symptomatic of a major imbalance, not just in the minds of the individuals making up that faction, but in the group itself.

In the past, extremism has created and caused genocide, slavery and death.

Human beings of all stripes, hues and differences must learn to listen to one another, internalize, and respond.

Not eradicate or destroy.

Eventually, truisms and truths prevail, and if one individual or group has a good idea that benefits all of humankind, then that idea or value system will multiply and spread, as it makes sense if it inures to the benefit of the global society.

Likewise, if one ideology results in death, destruction, corruption or harm, then that idea will usually phase itself out and become extinct.

However that healthy normal process of “survival of the fittest” of ideas and ideologies becomes artificially prolonged, twisted, corrupted, or extended if it is backed up by immense amounts of money, lobbying power, technology advances, military strength and media control.

To that end we as a human race must be eternally vigilant to counsel and defend our fellow members of the human race, and both observe and report, when we see one group or another being trampled into the earth, by another group.

It is the only way that we as the human race will both survive, and forge a better tomorrow.

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The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of The Duran.

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IF-Keto Extremist
March 6, 2019

Bland article. Who isn’t against extremism? While there are some groups most everyone would agree are extreme, most people labelled extreme are pretty mainstream. In other words, in most cases, extremism is in the eye of the beholder and the label more often reflects much more about the judger than those who are being judged.

March 7, 2019

Good article, and very true. The “extremism” the author talks of is of a kind we also can call Egotism. It’s the extremism of wanting to inflict our highly subjective assessment of the world, ourselves, our “rights” on to others. Because those others have their own subjective views, the only way to do this is to use Force of various kinds. Subjectivism covers that entire range of the human view and assessment of the world which belongs to each individual. It’s the “I believe, I want to be, I feel, I love / like / enjoy, react” of the entire… Read more »

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