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The British Rothschild biowarfare conspiracy

Look who is hiding behind the Queen and the Monarch with their plans for global genocide and control….the ROTHSCHILDS.

May 07, 2020Conclusion from this CDC data review: The increases in mortality appear to have a direct accelerating correlation to the increased rates of vaccination.

Since the prevailing assumption that vaccines should reduce flu mortality, the statistics appear to show that vaccines disproportionately increase flu mortality, not decrease it, as intended.

Let’s stop injecting unknown foreign substances into our bloodstreams because some “expert” says its good, but where those experts have a political agenda as well as investments in the vaccine companies that will benefit.

Let’s wake up and stop being so gullible. These so-called experts who fail to disclose their massive conflicts of interest is proof enough that they only have their self interest in mind, and not the welfare of We the People and our families.

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