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Swampy Congressmen exposed as Trump gets US out of Syria [Video]

Congress shows complete and utter detachment from the will of the people they represent.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

President Trump said he would “drain the swamp.” He did not engage partisanship when he declared this, though many of his supporters probably thought that most of the Swamp (the embedded political establishment” were Democrats. They are not, though. This video presented by Steve Hilton of Fox shows that prominent Republicans went on record excoriating President Trump for his “abandoning the Kurds” (that great bunch of guys!) and for creating “the biggest mess in recent history” and so on.

We see here even one of the President’s big allies, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) condemning this move with the very strong statement, “this is the most screwed up decision I’ve seen since I’ve been in Congress.”

But Steve Hilton does not stop there, and as we see, he goes on to detail why this reaction is what it is. The answer, of course is, ka-ching!

That is money for those of you who may not know American slang. Money. Bucks. Dollarinis. Money for what? Military contracts.

For example, Kevin McCarthy accepted $475,000 in donations from the defense sector. Add to this Steve Scalise, who accepted $396,000 from the same donors, Liz Cheney with her $179,000, and Senator “I am going to throw up” Graham might be choking on his $778,000 that he is on record for receiving from this sector, on record in 2018 for being Lockheed-Martin’s top Senate recipient of donations.

Is this news to most of us? Hardly. But the American press, at least Fox, is giving this some exposure now, as many of the anchors there do understand exactly the direction President Trump is taking, and they are energized by it.

In the last six weeks, we have seen an enormous amount of anti-Trump hysteria, rage, outrage, anger, calls for impeachment, the Compleat Fake Impeachment Inquiry fabricated out of a phone call transcript and some, shall we say, editorial magic courtesy of California Democrat Representative Adam Schiff. Several journalists are not letting go of this story though, as it reveals that President Trump is carrying out the work he promised to do.

The Swamp is everywhere. What is especially heinous about this situation is that these defense contracts translate into the ending of lives for no greater purpose than politics.

No one was fighting for their existence in Syria except the regular government forces under President Bashir al-Assad. His record is maligned in the West, while the Americans were sending money and supplies to al-Qaeda affilliated operatives. The same al-Qaeda that is held responsible for the September 11th attacks. The Syrian branch changed its name, reportedly at the behest of the American suppliers, but think about this. Under Obama, this group decimated Christian villages, killing ever man, woman and child. American supported forces did this. And now, maybe this is no longer happening, but still, the lack of accountability for this actually gives some credit to those who suspect that the 9-11 attacks were themselves an inside job.

While I personally eschew conspiracy theories (I believe the truth is far more boring), the lack of true alignment with anything truly good is appalling news for many Americans, who have long believed that their country really did represent a force for good in the world.

Steve Hilton expressed his opinion in this way:

The corrupt ruling class in Washington has grown fat and bloated on the blood of other Americans’ children, just so they can indulge their delusional and destructive Middle East power games. No single moment has more strikingly crystallized the battle between the populists and the establishment, and no single comment captures it better than this, from Lindsey Graham: ‘If I hear the president say one more time, ‘I made a campaign promise to get out of Syria’, I’m going to throw up.'” [02:14 in the video]

Again, for many of us, this information is nothing new. But for many Americans it is, and that is the significance of this reporting in the US. It would be ideal if the news were reported truthfully all the time, and admittedly, the fact that this is getting brought out now is uncomfortably tied to allegiance and support of the American President. However, it is getting shown, and we have the best chance in many years of actually chasing this point down and advocating for real change in the United States foreign policy as well as addressing the rest of the body of globalist elitism.

Getting the word out on this issue has been made easier by President Trump’s policy move, and that is no bad thing. One hopes it will continue and increase as time goes on.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Oh, Woe is US
Oh, Woe is US
October 24, 2019

Boy, this is embarrassing. Can’t even exit Syria through NATO member Turkey, with the Incerlik base just a six hour drive away.

“The Iraqi government is seeking international help after US troops withdrawing from Syria entered western Iraq without authorization, with Baghdad now taking legal action against the uninvited presence. US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Tuesday that US troops transiting from Syria would use Iraq to make preparations to go home and assured that the aim is not to “stay in Iraq interminably.” Esper did not specify how long the American troops would be staying.”

Betrayal and Deception: Syria Is a Prime Example of US Foreign Policy

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