Sponsorship money trumps tradition. Football club Real Madrid to remove cross from logo to please sponsor

It’s a small and subtle change, but a change nonetheless to the emblem one of sport’s most iconic and popular football clubs.

The tiny cross that stands on the top of the crown will be no more. This week Real Madrid President Florentino Perez unveiled the altered logo, which appears on a credit card issued by the bank that doubles as a membership card for the team.

The team agreed to the change to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities, according to various reports.

Haaretz news reports:

Perez labeled the deal, signed in September, with National Bank of Abu Dhabi a “strategic alliance with one of the most prestigious institutions in the world.”

“I know that the local people experience every match in a special way and that our links with the UAE are constantly growing stronger,” Perez was quoted as saying several months ago. “This agreement will help the club to keep conquering the hearts of followers in the United Arab Emirates.”

Marca noted, however, that “from the looks of things, the club is willing to compromise on aspects of its identity in pursuit of these new fans.”

Nah, I doubt anyone will look at this change and think that one of the most powerful football clubs on the planet is changing its revered logo in order to cash in on some extra bucks.

As a compromise, the club’s original logo will still be used in Europe, according to the Telegraph UK.


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