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Soros Confirms He is Losing in Europe

Authored by Tom Luongo:

Last month at Davos, George Soros turned around completely on China, echoing the Trump administration (of all things) in warning the world against the rise of China versus his previous stance.

The main reason for this shift in Soros’ attitude on China stems from his fear that the European Union will not achieve its goals of becoming the next great world power and subjugate the Chinese, but rather dissolve like the Soviet Union on which it is based.

He finally aired those fears in another of his infamous op-eds over at Project Syndicate (link through RT here). In sum, they are simply that Europeans must chuck off that which makes them individuals for the sake of Mother Europe.

The European Union is the highest ideal and, as such, should be that for all decent Europeans. This is the highest form of collectivist thinking.

And it’s time to circle the wagons against the ravening hordes of people who don’t like getting slowly bled to death, their culture eradicated, their neighborhoods destroyed and their dignity as people shot in the face with tear gas.

I’ve read megalomaniacal treatises in my life, but this one was impressive to say the least.

At least he didn’t lament the EU’s mistakes by invoking omelette’s and eggs.

I could (and maybe should) go into a point by point counter of all of Soros’ terrible assumptions but we’ve all heard variations on this Marxist twaddle for years.

The important part of this op-ed is not the substance, which itself designed to be chum for conservatives to lose their minds over, but the reason it was written in the first place.

George Soros is losing.

People with power only come out of the closet and plead like this when they are losing. Empires don’t negotiate, they dictate. The same goes for billionaire financiers who are the product of the bubbles they helped blow but refuse to accept the responsibility for when they pop.

No, that’s the fault of those savage Euroskeptics not being sufficiently committed to the cause. Y’all aren’t woke enough in Soros-land.

People like Soros buy influence behind the scenes to get what they want. Soros outing himself from behind the curtain is telling of how anxious he has become.

Instead of sounding like a prophet, he comes off as a clueless old leftie with a lot of money in his pocket talking his book.

To those truly woke to Soros’ schtick, I say what else is new?

He is no different than the tired and moldy Marxists in the Democratic Party here in the U.S. and their useful idiots, arguing that Socialism hasn’t failed, it simply hasn’t been properly implemented yet.

So 150 million dead people (not counting the wars) in the 20th century wasn’t refutation enough?

You can rebrand it ‘Democratic Socialism’ or ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ all you want, but in the end it is still just a bunch of dudes and dudettes, sitting around playing god while the rest of us toil waiting for the costs of going along with them rising above the cost of overthrowing you.

Welcome to the World Socialism Built.

Democratic Socialism has been the dominant political ideology of the age, going back to the Progressive Era. Y’all have been in charge in some form or another for the past 90 years and Soros thinks the reason his social engineering experiment called the EU is failing because of outdated political party systems he sees as vestiges of the fight between labor and capital.

I’m not shocked George has gotten this all wrong since he made his money fixing currency markets, having gotten his money neither through labor or the creation of capital goods.

Soros mistook getting uber-rich in a corrupt system somehow validated his sense of superiority, versus just being a crook.

Hubris is the downfall of all rulers and would-be Emperors. And if he lived in a different time he may have been able to pull this off.

But global communications, the natural forces of decentralization and the basic laws of both physics and economics caught up with him before his dreams could come to light.

If there was ever a moment that signaled the end of the European Union, it was George Soros admitting, in public, that we should look on all his works and despair.

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am hants
am hants
February 13, 2019

Wonderful news. How much has he made, (gambling against nations? I know, ‘Black Wedenesday’, over in the UK he made £1 billion, when we got thrown out of the ERM. I wonder how much he has lost (forgetting he gets it back via NGO Government funding), since he thought it was a good idea to fund the Ukrainian coup d’etat?

Reply to  am hants
February 13, 2019

Another case in point that Soros is no Marxist. Besides the Ukraine is going to be one Sh*t show too far for too many, Soros included.

You can call me AL
You can call me AL
Reply to  am hants
February 14, 2019

Hello Girl.

In my head, I had him as the key instrument of disrupting and the destruction of the EU – doesn’t that suit him more – divide and conquer ?.

February 13, 2019

Tom! For the most I agree and long may Soros and his ilk circle the abyss as the definition of where oblivion lies, but your perspective is sorely flawed. Soros is NOT a socialist and his rhetoric is Marx in name only. What we are talking is anarchy parading as civility and the Globalists larping as benevolent commandants to the great nations. (The French aristocracy were beheaded for as much). Without defending Marx, I would ask how Marx and his historical advocates would approach Soros. With a pointed bayonet or a bullet to the head I suspect. I wouldn’t even… Read more »

February 13, 2019

“…like the Soviet Union on which it is based.” Whaaaat? The EU is based on the Soviet Union??? Neoliberalism and austerity economics are communist? What has this guy been smoking??

Reply to  JNDillard
February 13, 2019

I suspect he’s a Trump fan boy. An annoying truth is that Socialism and communism have been used as a false god by lesser humans, ofte exploiting a few fundimental instincts like self service, security and the demonstrable behaviour of power corrupting, yet too many cast these ideas as reason to tar the better ideas and pragmatic good of socialistic and communistic ideals.

Reg Smith
Reg Smith
February 13, 2019

What a politicly illiterate article. Marxist analysis is the very antithesis of the for of economics supported by Geroge Soros, which is neo-liberalism. Marx’s 3 volume masterpiece rails against the pernicious effects of capital, how it is used to steal the fruits of someone’s labour and alienates him or her from her labour and from themselves. Neo-liberalism that Soros supports is the primacy of Capital over workers over people and over all life. Marx suggested that labour take over the means of production to eliminate the power of capital, and the power of those using it like Soros. My suggestion… Read more »

Reply to  Reg Smith
February 14, 2019

To be fair temujin was closer in model to a socialist as he only cared for the rent, not the man 😉

Olivia Kroth
February 14, 2019

Soros what?
is that some type of food?
I prefer Russian buckwheat, “gretshka”. Very healty food. I recommend it for all Europeans, too.

Dan Kuhn
February 18, 2019

Well Tom socialism HAS worked wonders for the global 1 /10th of 1%. They have made out like bandits. It has worked so well that most of the world would like a go at it themselves. Oh and even though you might not have noticed, the socialist, nordic nations of the world ( you know where national socialism is really worked at)are considered the very best countries in the world to live in. if the world is to survive, it will have to be with a socialist system. We have given the “Winner Takes All” approach a chance to prove… Read more »

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