Social market value is everything if a man wants to get laid…as confirmed by Rory McIlroy

Men are social objects, women are sexual objects. As much as we would like to believe this is not fact, biology and evolution dictate otherwise…and it’s hard to go against biology and evolution (even though white knights and feminists give it their best go).
One man who has embraced such facts is golf pro Rory McIlroy. And while is he on the winning end of the social value lottery, it is refreshing to hear a man acknowledge his good fortune, brought about by an amazing talent to hit a tiny ball with an iron club.
The Bleacher Report breaks things down in what can only be described as one of the most RED PILL stories you have ever read.

Things could’ve turned out a lot differently for Rory McIlroy had he never picked up the clubs.
He could’ve been a Fiat salesman, a fry cook on Venus or a van owner down by the River Bann.
One could ruminate all day on the parade of less-than-glamorous jobs McIlroy could’ve held in an alternate dimension, but the 25-year-old Northern Irishman appears to know exactly what he’d be right now without golf.
Namely, he thinks he would be deeply unfamiliar with the opposite gender.

So what prompted the above red pill tone from The Bleacher Report…The Daily Mirror’s Alex Richards reported that McIlroy answered a number of questions during an interview for a recent BBC2 documentary and when asked what he would be if he weren’t a world-famous golfer, McIlroy jokingly replied, “A virgin.”
And McIlroy is not the only superstar athlete who gets it!

McIlroy’s response is a callback to a line once famously uttered by English striker/beanpole Peter Crouch, who gave reporters the exact same answer when asked, “What would you be if you weren’t a footballer?”

Every man knows this eternal truth…athletes get the best (and the most) women. Like gravity, it’s just a part of the world we live in.

So there you have it: The young, golf-gym-win bachelor with a$200 million sports-apparel contract jokes that without golf he’d have nothing better to do than be down in mum’s basement, yelling at strangers through a headset and pre-ordering Surge online.
If you shuddered at that thought, that’s the correct response. We live in a world where McIlroy sinks birdies, dates (and ditches) famous women and drinks party nectar from hallowed jugs.

And while we all can’t be multi-millionaire golf pros or footballers, any man wishing to have a taste of that party nectar needs to do one thing, and only one thing, increase your social value.

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September 27, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Social market value is everything if a man wants to get laid…as confirmed by Rory McIlroy

September 27, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: Social market value is everything if a man wants to get laid…as confirmed by Rory McIlroy

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