So stupid…Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk urges schoolchildren to switch from Vkontakte to Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg is in fact Ukrainian [Video]

Yesterday we ran a piece about Ukraine’s PM wanting to sue Russia for $1 trillion, and were left in amazement at how mentally challenged Aerseniy Yatsenyuk really is.

Just when we thought Yats could not be anymore dumb, this Youtube video, and subsequent post hit our desk.

If you thought Yats was dumb before…then the above Youtube clip, and below translation will leave you bewildered at the level of stupid Vicky Nuland has chosen to lead the country of Ukraine, post US coup.

Come to think of it, maybe Vicky Nuland knew exactly what she was doing by appointing Yats as PM of Ukraine. If you want to destroy a country in record time then…‘Yats is your man’!

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