SHATTERING MSM LIES: New Zealand fans have great experience in Russia (VIDEO)

Contrary to MSM myths, New Zealand fans discovered Russian hospitality and they love it

RT has spoken with football lovers from New Zealand who came to St. Petersburg to support their national team in their Confederation Cup match against Russia.

The western mainstream media and Britain’s MSM in particular have been running countless stories on the dangers of Russian football hooliganism in the run up to the world cup. The phrase ‘the pot calling the kettle black’ comes to mind as modern football hooliganism was more or less invented in England where in spite of recent reforms, some problems still remain.

Luckily, people throughout the world enjoy football in a happy, friendly, however passionate environment, but this hasn’t stopped the MSM from tying to ruin the fun.

Now watch RT’s report on New Zealanders having a great time in Russia.

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Raymond Greenway
Raymond Greenway
June 18, 2017

For me, I’ll stick with the cousin and descendant of Rugby, American Football. Although my number one game is baseball.

Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston
June 19, 2017

This video is of Australians, and not New Zealand fans. For goodness sake Russia Feed, get your facts straight! New Zealand may be a very small country, but deserves more respect than this!

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