Sex robots are getting more realistic and drawing men away from the real thing (Video)

Sex robots can have a conversation with a user before things get steamy.

Feminists might finally have their wish, and be done with men for good.

Problem is that once men disengage from society, will the feminist utopia last even for a single day without male contribution.

The The NY Post reports that the humble blow-up doll has been replaced with ultra-realistic, AI-infused sex robots that can cost over $10,000.

This leaves men, who have been demonized by western liberal ideology, the outlet to finally disengage from the feminist dating and marriage trap.

Inflatable, tacky and comically proportioned, sex dolls used to be funnier than they were sexy.

One particularly high-tech sex robot, Harmony, can even have a conversation with a user before things get steamy.

Harmony is undoubtedly impressive, but she’s isn’t perfect. She could have a sexier voice, might one day learn how to pole-dance and could even look like a user’s favorite celebrity.

Suffice it to say, the sex robot revolution is almost here, and it’s only gaining momentum. One need only look at what people are doing with today’s high-end sex dolls to get a glimpse of what people will soon be doing with their robotic siblings.

Brothels full of sex dolls fulfill people’s kinkiest requests. Apps connect lonely hearts with “warmed-up” second-hand sex dolls. And “barbarian” techies groped, mounted and soiled a sex doll right in the middle of an electronics fair.

Sex doll shenanigans aren’t all cringe-inducing, however. Sometimes, they can be downright domestic. For example, users are supposedly marrying their dollswhile one inventor is ready to have a baby with his electronic paramour. Widowers, meanwhile, are mending their broken hearts with a helping synthetic hand and one man is having an affair with a sex doll — and his wife couldn’t care less.

The future is clear. Anything a person can do, a sex robot will soon be able to. That’s why porn stars are worried that they’ll soon be out of work. Academics, meanwhile, fret that men could ditch women altogether if sex robots continue to improve.

There is also the terrifying possibility that hackers could teach sex robots to kill or that the robots might even grow tired of humanity and start getting it on with each other.

62-year-old Senji Nakajima brushes the wig from one of his sex dolls at a love hotel in Japan.

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December 27, 2017

I want to know Bill Clinton’s opinion??

December 27, 2017

That’s one way to separate the men from the boys…

December 28, 2017

Why is the article all about female sex dolls? It seems more likely that women would be the ones to abandon men for the ultimate male body of the perfect size that lasts forever and can orgasm over and over on command. Staying home and not working may never be more attractive. Who needs a man? Maybe even share with your girl friends.

Reply to  RRuss
December 28, 2017

Good point! Male sex dolls replete with a frozen sperm repository ready for use when they decide it’s the “right” time. I refuse to believe for 1 second these are not on the market. And the perversion just gets worse and worse..

john vieira
john vieira
December 28, 2017

“There was a young man from Belgrade who found a dead…… a cave…He said I know it is bad luck to have a……….but think of the money you save!!! That was a horrible song, sing us another one, just like the other one, do !!!” Guess this is how it WILL all end eh !!! Maybe the Amazons will take ‘sex slaves’ in order to propagate.

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