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Serbian Foreign Minister proposes splitting the province of Kosovo and Metohija

The Serbian Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija has been occupied by NATO pro-NATO forces  like the terrorist group KLA since 1999. Under the auspices of a government ruled by known terrorist members of the KLA, including well known terrorist and organised criminal Hashim Thaci, the province became recognised as a micro-state by the US and some of its allies in 2008.

During the 1999 illegal NATO war on Yugoslavia, the Serb families of Kosovo and Metohija came under attack from radical Albanians of the region. Even before this, Serbs in the Province had been facing violence starting in the 1980s. Things continued to get worse for the Serbs of Kosovo and Metohija throughout the 1990s and since the illegal NATO war of 1999, many Serbs from the province continue to live in refugee accommodation.

In the northern portions of the province, particular around the city of Mitrovica, a beleaguered remaining Serb population continues to suffer under occupation.

Recently, Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic proposed a solution to this crisis. Although all of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija is Serbian, many in Belgrade seem to be given in to the prospect of permanent occupation.

Dacia explained his views in the following way,

“I’m glad to hear all these different opinions being put forward about the future of Kosovo (and Metohija). By the way, it was only my idea of a partition that invited such a nervous reaction, and this is something the Serbian president also noted. They do not react this way to proposals either to give up on Kosovo, or to freeze the conflict. Who knows, maybe this nervous reaction shows us the way we should go to find a solution that would suit all and ensure a longstanding compromise”.


If this were to happen, it would of course only be fair for Republika Srpska, the Serbian republic inside of the current borders of Bosnia-Herzegovina, to also receive recognition and establish relations with friendly states.

Serbia has a duty to stand up for its people irrespective of the political difficulties NATO has created in the Balkans. Dacia’s solution is in many ways a form of surrender, but it is still preferable to the total surrender currently being suggested by others. Of course the only fully just solution is for NATO to fully withdraw from the region and allow for the full, peaceful restoration of Serbia’s territorial integrity.

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