Sean Spicer ignores false flag attack in Syria

Hours after an apparently self-evident false flag chemical attack in Idlib, Sean Spicer affirmed that it is no longer US policy to remove President Bashar al-Assad from power.

Spicer said,

“There is not a fundamental option of regime change as there has been in the past”.

The White House Press Secretary continued,

“We would look rather silly not acknowledging the political realities that exist in Syria, and now what we need to do…is do what we can to empower the people of Syria to find a different way”

This represents a clear departure from the Obama administration which seemed to double-down on calls for regime change when ever a fake news report attributing atrocities to either Syrian or Russian forces came out in the mainstream media.

The fundamental reasons why the report of a Syrian chemical attack is fake news are laid out in full in an initial debunking report from The Duran. 

Since that piece was published, propaganda photos were published showing the infamous al-Qaeda allied White Helmets handling the bodies of supposed sarin gas attack victims.

fake helmets

Paul Antonopoulos of the highly reliable al-Masdar News breaks down why the photos are clearly staged, saying:

“….White Helmets are handling the corpses of people without sufficient safety gear, most particularly with the masks mostly used , as well as no gloves. Although this may seem insignificant, understanding the nature of sarin gas that the opposition claim was used, only opens questions.

Within seconds of exposure to sarin, the affects of the gas begins to target the muscle and nervous system. There is an almost immediate release of the bowels and the bladder, and vomiting is induced.

When sarin is used in a concentrated area, it has the likelihood of killing thousands of people. Yet, such a dangerous gas, and the White Helmets are treating bodies with little concern to their exposed skin. This has to raise questions. It also raises the question why a doctor in a hospital full of victims of sarin gas has the time to tweet and make video calls. This will probably be dismissed and forgotten however”

Shortly after the incident in Idlib, a suspiciously well timed piece from the White Helmets founder, falsely claiming to be the head of Syrian Civil Defence, was published in Britain’s Guardian newspaper, urging EU leaders not to reach any kind of deal with the legitimate government of Syria during tomorrow’s peace talks in Brussels.

The story which on the most fundamental evidence was clearly fake, now looks like a well timed false flag propaganda move.

It’s a pity that just as those in the western mainstream media have come to realise that the term ‘false flag’ is am actual thing, they still haven’t come to grips with what it means.

It seems that for once, the White House is not taking the bait.

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