Russian Pacific Fleet to be bolstered by 10 advanced warships in 2018 (PHOTOS)

Russia’s Far Eastern naval force will be getting significant reinforcements

(TASS) – Russia’s Pacific Fleet is to receive about 10 cutting-edge warships and support vessels in 2018, including the Gromky and Gremyashchy corvettes and the first Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarine in the batch, Pacific Fleet Spokesman Nikolay Voskresensky said on Tuesday.

“In 2018, the Pacific Fleet plans to receive about 10 advanced warships and support vessels. <…> It is planned that after the Sovershenny corvette that arrived in Vladivostok this year, the Gromky and Gremyashchy advanced corvettes – which already have crews – will become part of the fleet’s surface force. One of these ships is being built in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, and the other, at St. Petersburg’s Northern Shipyards,” Voskresensky said.

It is also planned to deliver to the fleet the first in the batch Project 636.3 diesel-electric submarine. These submarines are being built specifically for the Pacific Fleet, they have improved characteristics and are capable of carrying Kalibr sea-launched cruise missiles. The fleet will also receive new anti-sabotage boats and a few support ships, including a modern tugboat.

The Sovershenny is the fourth Project 20380 corvette that entered into operation within the Pacific Fleet on July 20, 2017. It was built to conduct actions in the close maritime zone and fight against enemy surface ships and submarines, as well as for fire support of amphibious troops during amphibious landing operations.

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