Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov asks John Kerry who runs “Free Syrian Army”, and where are they located…no one in US State Dept. can answer

The “Free Syrian army” is perhaps the biggest foreign policy scandal since Iran Contra…even bigger.

Its a simple funnel where the CIA and US Defence Department channel weapons to end up in ISIS hands so that the ultimate goal of chaos and regime change in Syria can take hold.

The US policy has always been about controlling and containing the Frankenstein monster known as ISIS (not destroying it), so that it could do its bidding in the Middle East.

Now Russia has absolutely destroyed this absurd covert US policy, and everyone in Washington and the western MSM is freaking out.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov makes the US look absolutely lost…asking his American counterparts to produce some sort of tangible evidence that this “Free Syrian army” exists and is actually taking on ISIS.

From  as translated for Fort Russ by Soviet Bear…

“The moderate opposition finds it hard to boast any success, nobody knows about it, and actually nobody really heard about the moderate opposition. They speak of a “Syrian free army”, but this structure is now a phantom”TASS.

“I have just I asked (Secretary of state) John Kerry that they (USA) give us the information about where this army is and who runs it. We’ll even be ready to establish contacts if this is a capable opposition”, – said the head of The Foreign Ministry.

Thus, according to the Minister, nobody to date has told where and how the “Free Syrian Army” is operating, or where the other teams of “moderate opposition” in fact are.

According to Western media, before the news about the airstrikes of the Russian aerospace forces in Syria the “Free Syrian army” (FSA) was considered “dead”, but after the spread of information about the beginning of Russian military operation, the FSA was “exhumed to assume that these non-ISIS forces became targets of Russian air strikes”.

On Thursday at the headquarters of the coalition that was formed by the United States and its allies to combat the “Islamic state” in Syria and Iraq, said they do not believe that Russian military aircraft conduct air strikes on ISIS positions, but they can’t exactly say what Aeropace forces are bombing.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, on the same day stated that Russia does not consider the opposing “Syrian free army” as terrorist group. The targets of the Russian aerospace force in Syria are stockpiles of weapons and fuel depots of the “Islamic state”, said the Minister.

Later Wednesday, the U.S. denied reports about the strikes of the Syrian opposition by the Russian aerospace forces. Prior to this, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Moscow asks Washington to present evidenceof alleged attacks committed by Russia from the air on positions that do not belong to the “Islamic state”.

On Wednesday the aircraft of the Russian aerospace forces at the request of the President of Syria Bashar al-Assad began to conduct air operations with the application of precision strikes on ISIS positions.


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