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Russian Defense Ministry: 85% of Syria is liberated – will not stop untill 100%

There are only 27,000 square kilometers of Syrian territory yet to be liberated.

The Russian Defense has today confirmed that 85% of Syria’s territory is now fully liberated from terrorist occupation. Russia has said that its armed forces will continue to work with Syria until the entire country is free of terrorism.

According to Lieutenant General Alexander Lapin, chief of staff of the Russian Armed Forces group in Syria,

“As of today, 85 percent of the Syrian territory was liberated from illegal armed formations. To completely destroy Daesh (aka ISIS), some 27,000 square kilometers of the republic’s territory remain to be liberated”.

Last week, the Syrian Arab Army, backed by support from the Russian Aerospace Forces broke the three year long ISIS led siege of Deir ez-Zor city. Shortly thereafter, Syrian forces took Deir ez-Zor’s airport from ISIS.

Earlier, the Russian Defense Ministry released a statement saying that the joint Russian Aerospace Forces/Syrian Arab Army operation liberating Deir ez-Zor was the largest military victory against ISIS in three years. The statement reads,

“Syrian government troops, with the support of the Russian Air Force, achieved a serious success, inflicting a devastating defeat on Daesh units in the area of the city of Deir ez Zor, which exceeding in scale all previous victories over the past three years.

Currently, the government troops under the command of Gen. Suheil Hassan together with the units, which had been under the siege at the Syrian military airbase, are widening the corridor between the airfield and Deir ez-Zor, carrying out successful military actions on flanks”.

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