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Russian and Syrian UN Envoys BLAST the US, Britain and France (VIDEO)

Russia has vetoed a UN Security Resolution jointly proposed by the US, UK and France. The resolution is a slightly revised version of the one proposed last week which essentially calls for an investigation into the infamous chemical weapons attack in Idlib Governorate, while  pre-assigning guilt to Syria, a party that by any objective means does not and could not bear responsibility for the attack.

Russia by contrast, calls for a full, independent investigation which does not put an undue burden of proof on the Syrian government, while simultaneously failing to question the acts of terrorists groups who are known to have used chemical weapons in Syria.

In a heated session of the UN Security Council, acting Russian Ambassador to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov blasted the hypocrisy, duplicity and dishonesty of the countries who have authored the latest resolution on Syria.

Safronkov said that the statement from the UK shows that Britain wants to complicate the political process by acting confrontational rather than cooperative. He said that Britain harbours a fear that the US and Russia might be able to cooperate and seeks to disrupt such a process.

During his criticism of Britain, Safronkov turned to UK Ambassador to the UN Matthew Rycroft and said,

“Look at my when I’m speaking, why are you looking away”

Safronkov said that Britain has made insulting demands, remarking that unlike Russia ,Britain has done nothing to create a ceasefire but instead welcomes illegal armed groups to London.

He continue, saying,

“You were afraid of things moving towards a peaceful solution”

The Russian envoy continued, saying that the UK funds militants who kill Christians. In this light Safrankov said that he cannot accept Britain insulting Russia.

Russia will veto the resolution because Moscow insists on discussions without political preconditions.

Safronov concluding saying that the leading western states had drawn conclusions that Damascus was responsible for the chemical attack without having even visited the crime scene. For Russia, this is unacceptable.

Later in the the meeting of the Security Coucil, Syrian envoy Dr. Bahsar al-Jaafari spoke of the hypocrisy and lies which underpin the motives of the United States in Syria.

He recalled seeing Colin Powell speak from the same position as America’s current UN envoy Nikki Haley when he talked of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, a statement which contravened the views of official UN weapons inspector Dr. Hans Blix.

There were of course, no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Jaafari said that he thought he would be able to go to the UN to update fellow nations on the progress of peace talks in Astana and Geneva. Now in spite of this dashed optimism, he instead found himself having to defend his country against what he called, “..the same bloody theatrical play’ which occurred during UN debates over Iraq in 2003.

Jaafari accused Israel in being complicit in an dramatic spectacle along with the US as well as Britain which the Syrian diplomat said was desperate to find a role in the world after the Brexit vote.

He assured the Security Council that Syria is just as desperate to find out who used the chemical weapons as anyone else.

He closed by encouraging the implementation of the agreements made during the previous talks in Astana and said that the UN must raise its voice in unison and say ‘no, no, no to war’.

Any thought that Russia might have changed its position in the face of US ultimatums and blackmail, surely now must realise that this was an impossible and foolish expectation.

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