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Russia Readies Own Web To Survive Global Internet Shutdown

Via Zerohedge

Russian authorities and major telecom operators are preparing to disconnect the country from the world wide web as part of an exercise to prepare for future cyber attacks, Russian news agency RosBiznesKonsalting (RBK) reported last week.

The purpose of the exercise is to develop a threat analysis and provide feedback to a proposed law introduced in the Russian Parliament last December.

The draft law, called the Digital Economy National Program, requires Russian internet service providers (ISP) to guarantee the independence of the Russian Internet (Runet) in the event of a foreign attack to sever the country’s internet from the world wide web.

Telecom operators (MegaFon, VimpelCom (Beeline brand), MTS, Rostelecom and others) will have to introduce the “technical means” to re-route all Russian internet traffic to exchange points approved by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), Russia’s federal executive body responsible for censorship in media and telecommunications.

Roskomnazor will observe all internet traffic and make sure data between Russian users stays within the country’s borders, and is not re-routed abroad.

The exercise is expected to occur before April 1, as Russian authorities have not given exact dates.

The measures described in the law include Russia constructing its internet system, known as Domain Name System (DNS), so it can operate independently from the rest of the world.

Across the world, 12 companies oversee the root servers for DNS and none are located in Russia. However, there are copies of Russia’s core internet address book inside the country suggesting its internet could keep operating if the US cut it off.

Ultimately, the Russian government will require all domestic traffic to pass through government-controlled routing points. These hubs will filter traffic so that data sent between Russians internet users work seamlessly, but any data to foreign computers would be rejected.

Besides protecting its internet, Russia is simultaneously building a mass censorship system similar to that seen in China.

“What Russia wants to do is to bring those router points that handle data entering or exiting the country within its borders and under its control- so that it can then pull up the drawbridge, as it were, to external traffic if it’s under threat – or if it decides to censor what outside information people can access.

China’s firewall is probably the world’s best known censorship tool and it has become a sophisticated operation. It also polices its router points, using filters and blocks on keywords and certain websites and redirecting web traffic so that computers cannot connect to sites the state does not wish Chinese citizens to see,” said BBC.

The Russian government started preparations for creating its internet several years ago. Russian officials expect 95% of all internet traffic locally by next year.

As for Russia unplugging its internet from the rest of the world for an upcoming training exercise, well, this could potentially anger Washington because it is one less sanction that can keep Moscow contained.

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Tom Welsh
Tom Welsh

“…a foreign attack to sever the country’s internet from the world wide web”.

This confuses two completely different systems. The Internet is the world-wide network of networks, using the Internet Protocol (IP) suite of protocols. The World Wide Web is one of many applications that run on top of the Internet.

Cutting off Russia’s part of the Internet would suffice to cut off WWW access as well.


Overdue and Vk is near enough developed yet. But firstly Russia has to become totally independent in the field of medicine. The western global vampiristic commercial aspect is an ongoing over 30 years eroding SUBVERSIVE exercise facilitated by corrupted atlanticist anglozio characterless functionaries , masons, traitors. Great effort has to be expanded into furtherence of Russias own good Surgery, technical diagnostic tools, pragmatic medicine, Independent Psychological Therapies (C.G. Jung yes , S. Freud no), Traditional a. proven Herbal Medicine (the treasure chest of Phytotherapy of the Russian Lands of the ages), the autharkic holistic, effective in acute and chronic conditions,… Read more »


Given the American paranoia of losing its top position in tech, trade, energy, reserve currency and its resulting destructiveness in a frantic effort to prevent other nations from developing their industries and ways of life freely and independently of the US, it is necessary for both, Russia and China to protect their systems from US interference. Both, Russia and China are under the constant threat of destabilization by US subversive tactics and crippling sanctions that intend to make life in either Russia and China impossible. It doesn’t surprise that this extends even to separating the internet. They were just very… Read more »


I agree,Regula.

Russia would also be able to keep out the subversive and deviant information emanating from the US and other such peddlers of filth, that is also a very addictive de facto drug intended to destabilise society, in the same ways that opiates do.

Olivia Kroth

Russia and China are right to keep US regime intrusions out of their internet systems. Bravo Russia and China! Keep going strong!


You have to wonder – in a multi-polar world, there may have to be ‘internets (plural), not an internet… depending on how sore a loser the current unipolar world ‘leader’ is.

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