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Russia invades Kyrgbekistan: a fake news social experiment (VIDEO)

RT’s Caleb Maupin recently conducted a social experiment where he took his camera out on the streets of New York to see the American reaction to fake news that Russia had just invaded a fake country called Kyrgbekistan.

Whereas in many social experiments many Americans are often honest about their lack of knowledge of countries which do exist, here, a seemingly equal proportion were willing to confirm their support for a country which does not.

Interestingly, though, two of the individuals asked, claimed that it probably won’t be the US that will help the fake country resist invasion but they ought to do so anywhere. It is strangely heartening that at least some in the US feel that it is no longer the duty of the US armed forces to intervene in countries whose conflicts have nothing to do with American safety. Still, though, some of the anti-Russian sentiment is worrying.

Most Americans are either neutral or positive when it comes to their overall impressions of Russian culture. Many conservatives have even grown to admire Russia. Seeing a country whose culture is broadly centrist to conservative come under attack by the crazed globalist liberals in the Democratic Party, actually won Russia affection from many Americans who realize that the Democrats vision (co-opted by many Republicans) of globalism isn’t one shared by the silent majority of US citizens.

One could easily accuse these men and women ‘on the street’ of ignorance in respect of geopolitics. But if a similar survey were done in Congress, I’m not so certain the responses would be all too different.

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