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Russia hopes Catalan crisis to be settled under Spain’s constitution

Russia hopes Catalan crisis to be settled under Spain’s constitution

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The crisis around the independence referendum in Catalonia is a domestic issue of Spain and Moscow hopes that the situation will be settled in accordance with Spanish constitution, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Aleksey Meshkov said Wednesday.

On Sunday, Spain’s northwestern autonomous region of Catalonia held an independence referendum despite the fact that the vote had been previously ruled illegal by the Spanish Constitutional Court. Multiple violent clashes between the police and pro-independence activists on the voting day resulted in injuries of at least 844 civilians. Madrid claimed that nearly 400 law enforcers also sustained injuries in the conflict.

“We are proceeding from the fact that it is an internal issue of Spain and we hope that all problems will be resolved within the framework of Spanish constitution. We want Spain to remain a united and prosperous country,”

Meshkov told reporters.

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Shortly after the partially thwarted referendum, the Catalan government said that 90 percent of those, who cast their ballots in the vote, upheld the split. Madrid refused to recognize the results, however Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said that he would remain open to negotiations with Catalonia, but only within the legal framework.

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