Rosie O’Donnell busted bribing GOP Senators

Rosie offered Republicans millions of dollars to kill Trump’s tax bill.

Unhinged, washed up hollywood star Rosie O’Donnell offered GOP Senators $4 million to vote against the Trump tax bill Tuesday evening. Rosie committed a felony by doing so.

She offered the bribes in a series of tweets.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Of course it didn’t work because the Senate passed the bill 51-48 in a midnight showdown.

In a desperate attempt to stop Trump’s tax bill Tuesday evening, O’Donnell frantically tweeted she was willing to pay Senator Collins and Senator Flake $2 million each to vote against Trump’s tax bill.

Rachel Meadow? Rosie is completely unhinged by this point…


Rosie decided to double down when people took notice of her bribes…

Bribery is illegal according to Federal law. Here is the relevant part of 18 USC §201(b): (Via The Daily Wire)…


(1)directly or indirectly, corruptly gives, offers or promises anything of value to any public official or person who has been selected to be a public official, or offers or promises any public official or any person who has been selected to be a public official to give anything of value to any other person or entity, with intent—

(A) to influence any official act; or

(B) to influence such public official or person who has been selected to be a public official to commit or aid in committing, or collude in, or allow, any fraud, or make opportunity for the commission of any fraud, on the United States; or

(C) to induce such public official or such person who has been selected to be a public official to do or omit to do any act in violation of the lawful duty of such official or person;

…shall be fined under this title or not more than three times the monetary equivalent of the thing of value, whichever is greater, or imprisoned for not more than fifteen years, or both, and may be disqualified from holding any office of honor, trust, or profit under the United States.

Time for Rosie to go to jail…

Rosie triggered by Shapiro…

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December 23, 2017

LOL….where did you pick up that hairy beast picture?…LOL. I bet sexual harassment has never been a problem for her.

Tim Webb
Tim Webb
Reply to  tjoes
December 24, 2017

You’d be surprised.
Hillary should be consulted about what she gets off on.
But according to US law, it appears that every jew and Gentile in the USC should be arrested and incarcerated for bribery and fraud on the people they falsely claim to represent.
Here it is in B & W.
The nation no longer exists when it openly flouts its own laws.

I’d rather celebrate Christmas simply

Senator Al Franken stays true to form