Ron Paul Institute urges Hillary Clinton to explain why she stood by and watched anti-Gaddafi mercenaries slaughter Libyan citizens

So much for the Democratic Party’s ethos of being the party that fights for minorities, especially African Americans…when the front runner in Presidential campaign turned a blind eye to anti-Gaddifi (US supported) mercenaries as they systematically massacred black Libyans.

Anything to overthrow Gaddafi and protect the US dollar hegemony for Mrs. Clinton.

Via Ron Paul Institute…

Hillary might have some explaining to do to her base, with the latest batch of emails released from her days as Secretary of State. Her supporters in the Democratic Party are particularly attuned to minority issues and the social and economic struggles of those in developing countries. Additionally, nearly two-thirds of African-American voters went Democrat in the last election, a demographic the party has come to rely on over the years.

Imagine how damaging it should be to Hillary, then, if the mainstream media decides to pick up on probably the most explosive revelation from Hillary’s latest server dump: She knew that the Libyan rebels her State Department backed were systematically committing genocide against black Africans in Libya and she did nothing about it!

The pretext for US participation in the attack on Libya and overthrow of its secular government was that Gaddafi was about to attack his own people in the eastern part of the country. The justification for the US attack was the doctrine of “R2P” – the Responsibility to Protect civilians targeted by their government. In fact, US intervention in Libya actually facilitated an attack on civilians — and especially black Africans — by mobs of US-backed jihadists. Hillary knew about it because she had been warned by her trusted advisor Sid Blumenthal. And she did nothing. She went along with the pre-decided policy even though she knew the horrors it brought to anyone in Libya with black skin — many of them simply manual workers imported to do construction and similar jobs.


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