Rogue FBI agent leaked 639 phone numbers from Anthony Weiner’s address book, including Hillary Clinton and George Soros

The private contact details of 639 politicians and media professionals were leaked to the public while in FBI custody

Information from former congressman Anthony Weiner’s laptop, which has been in FBI evidence, has been leaked to the public. Weiner was convicted a few months ago of sending sexually explicit text message to a 15 year old girl in another state and sentenced to almost two years in prison. The information that was released consists primarily of information relative to his contacts, their name, phone numbers, addresses, work, etc.

But with this information being confidentially in the hands of FBI evidence, both for Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and for Weiner’s own transgressions, the question is, how did it get out? Who is responsible for publishing this? It’s hard to imagine how this information could have gotten out without someone in the bureau being in on it.

The leaked contact list provides the private contact information of 639 people.

People such as:

Rabbi Arturo Valenzuela

Al Gore

Hillary Clinton

Terry McAuliffe, the former Governor who said of the Clinton family, “We are best friends.”

John Podesta

Tamera Luzzatto, the woman who previously wrote disturbing emails to John Podesta and operated a website where she solicited children in many inappropriate ways. From hot time with adults for “entertainment purposes” to just being an all-around creep, it’s no surprise that someone like Anthony Weiner would associate themselves with a known pedophile.

George Soros. Of course. Perhaps he had hoped he could get some sort of “get out of jail free card” since Soros is known to throw his money at absolute scum.

When the FBI seized and searched Weiner’s laptop, they found thousands of emails between Hilliary Clinton and Anthony Weiner’s wife, Abedin. This discovery prompted the FBI to reopen the  investigation relative to Clinton’s emails and use of a private server.

In January, Abedin withdrew her divorce filing, which was initiated back in May of last year, pursuant to this investigation. Of course, preserving those marriage ties happens to protects her from being testified against by her husband, if Weiner was brought to develop evidence in the criminal case, by allowing her to assert the spousal testimony privilege.

While charges aren’t yet forthcoming on that investigation, if this list was, in fact, leaked from inside the FBI, and sensitive information relative to Abedin’s actions were similarly released, things could get even more interesting.

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February 9, 2018

Could also have been leaked by someone in NYPD, who reportedly had possession of the laptop prior to FBI. Anyone checked the info to see whether it is legit?

regolo gellini
regolo gellini
February 10, 2018

Why is Killary still out of jail with her lesbian friend Huma Abedin ?

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