Robert Vesco: America’s Corrupt Financial Messiah

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A Messiah may be vilified in their time then revered as an inspiration later on, and so it is with Robert Vesco. A bit of history here, one-half century ago Robert Vesco was like a Messiah to the US Deep State, and provided the modus operandi for Wall Street’s criminal activities, which plunder and game the US industrial/ financial base to this day.

Robert Vesco 1973

Vesco’s International Controls Corporation and association with Investor Overseas Service (and his bribery of federal government and top US political officials) in part established one foundation for the Inverse Totalitarian State, the totalitarian authoritarian state that the former United States is today.

But why is Vesco of particular historic interest? When, for example, Howard Hughes’ political corruption by Hughes’ donations and support for Richard Nixon (in aid of US government contracts to Hughes) is similar to Vesco’s?

The difference between Vesco and Hughes is one of scale. Vesco’s unprecedented combination of Wall Street gaming, money laundering, hush and slush funds, and political bribery set the precedent for America’s corrupt financial and political future. Billie Sol Estes, the Hunt Brothers and others just could not compare, they did not have the acumen or talent to broaden their trade with a Wall Street expert like Bernie Cornfeld, for example.[1]

Vesco’s criminal brilliance set a precedent where Wall Street eventually adopted Vesco’s methods of conglomeration, consolidation, and predatory corporate plundering (including offshoring) over time, especially with regard to hostile corporate takeovers mired in legal action.[2]

Like Vesco’s own goal, since 1971 Wall Street’s motivation and evolution was to destroy the US industrial and manufacturing base, and replace that industrial base with virtual financial products and a fake financialized economy, built on imports, illusion, and air.

Just as Vesco’s bribery of top US political officials and their collusion in protecting his corporate interests led to the prosecution of Elites including former Attorney General John Mitchell and Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans,

Vesco’s model provided a template for Nixon later, and then the Reagan regime, where corruption involving Edwin Meese, the CIA, and Bill Casey, was revealed by the PROMIS software scandal, and then George Wakenhut’s relationship to Iran contra and the CIA.

Exposed at the time, Elites learned from the Vesco-Cornfeld experience and perfected Vesco’s methods, to result in the highly criminalized and corrupt US political system as it exists today. Where mega PAC’s and billionaire corporate influence determines the government’s future — not the people. By extension, Vesco set the precedent and acted as a model for future predatory “investors” like Paul Singer of Elliott Management, for example:

2018 article here: Quote:

“[Singer’s legal] victory set a precedent that had global implications: one wealthy foreign investor could potentially determine whether or not a troubled country would be able to borrow money.”

Singer donates heavily to both political parties, and Singer’s donation dollars helped salvage the floundering political campaign of Lindsey Graham in 2020, for example. Link: Recall that Singer funded Fusion GPS too, while he donated to Donald Trump’s 2016 political campaign at the same time. It’s likely Singer funded the Steele Dossier in an attempt to discredit Trump, something he denies. Link:

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Regardless, it is no mystery to most US Americans of informed opinion that the United States central government has been mired in corporate corruption and graft to a varying degree, for a very very long time. The Federal Reserve and its Primary Dealers serve as just one significant example.

But to understand the history and genesis of that federal government malfeasance in the modern era with regard to incorporated and Corporate interests is to study the modus operandi of criminal entrepreneur Robert Vesco.

Vesco’s modus operandi has prospered like a cancer to afflict the entire collective west with its inspiration of financial and political corruption on full display today, in all its toxic regalia.

(1) On swindler Bernie Cornfeld:

(2) Another difference between Vesco’s time and now, being that the “corporate approved hegemonic billionaire-interest regime in power” will receive little or no investigation/prosecution for such corruption.

Bernie Cornfeld and friend


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Luke Anson
Luke Anson
June 5, 2023
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He’s not the Messiah, He’s a very naughty boy!

The real Messiah will appear when he’s convinced everyone has chosen their preferred way/side.

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