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Revolt in the streets is now inevitable

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

In my piece this weekend, in THE DURAN, entitled ‘The hypocrisy of the G20, and the world leaders who participated'( published before the worse riots in France for 50 years in Paris, I failed to emphasize a few things which now needs doing as a consequence of those riots.

The first comment I would like to make is about my writing this statement ‘All these spineless amoral leaders attending the G20 meeting should be in many cases simply arrested or put up against a wall. Where is the anger, the indignation from the world’s populace against their leaders? Where is the media? Why is Assange not spoken of, etc.’

The second statement I made was ‘We need, though it will never happen, a ground swell of revolution by the people, by citizens, to change the system, of most countries, even if it be violent, which seems the only way anything will change.’

Let me amplify.

I must explain my mood at the time of writing the weekend article. I was at the time of cynical mind and felt hopelessness, having accepted the pacifity and apathy of peoples around the world, I didn’t expect the incredibly spectacular reaction in France within 24 hours of my writing (I amusingly hasten to add for the paranoid, I had nothing to do with it, though I wish I had!) that rioting and a ground swell of rebellion would occur, the like of which had not been seen for half a century.

That it happened, I now vary my opinion; I have real hope that revolutions are possible in the 21st Century.

I predict Paris will be repeated throughout European cities, even in UK and all across the world in 2019.

I believe the people want, demand change, mostly justice, the young in particular.

When Blair and Sarkosy, to name but two former corrupt leaders, are in Jail or ‘up against a wall’, justice will be seen be served for all for the first time in ages. That such people get away with killing millions of people and making millions of dollars to boot, as politicians not business men, is totally intolerable and absolutely unacceptable.

Throughout history people revolted due to exploitation, unfair taxes and injustice by their rulers.

The great philosopher, it happens, a Frenchman, Jean Paul Sartre is worth a mention now.

He said Che Guevara was “the most complete human being of our age.”

If only Guevara were alive today or his equivalent.

Guevara was never a real communist, but it suited the powers that be then to label him so. He was an anti-imperialist – a Don Quixote figure; an idealist but nevertheless a revolutionary. Why not revolt against unpopular governments?

We see the revival of imperialism which makes rebellion and taking to the streets the peoples last and only recourse.

Watch this very pertinent link of a part of a longer speech by Guevara, in 1965, of only 30 seconds, and how he articulates it so eloquently.

Regime change and Western imperialism particularly the American variety must be stopped.

Relevant to this argument is Julian Assange who represent to us all
what freedom of speech truly is and what the importance of true journalism is to democracy, not these hacks who parrot their bosses propaganda; hacks who are littered around the world in every major city like pigeon’s droppings. These so called reporters are spokespersons for their Orwellian governments. With their usual air of superiority and smugness, these hacks help their governments keep the status quo; keep their governments in power and themselves in jobs. It is the opposite of their original role which was to question power and authority to keep in check abuses and lies by corrupt politicians and systems. Good journalism was and is a necessary balancer to maintain true democracy.

‘Mass Media’ owned by a small elite, particularly the visual snap shot sound bite variety, are the most guilty of all – they are traitors to true journalism with some very few exceptions.

So to conclude, I am not intellectual enough to give solutions to the plethora of world and societies problems, but I for one would welcome revolution where necessary particular in Europe where one of the most corrupt institutions ever to exist in history, in Brussels, must be destroyed.

People must take to the streets. There is no other choice.

Better and greater men and women than I can and must work it out; take the world to a better, more just and safer place.

But I know this…Revolt in the streets is now inevitable.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

What do you think?

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Sally Snyder
Sally Snyder
December 5, 2018

Here is an interesting look how growing political polarization in the United States has led to a significant portion of Americans believing that civil war is imminent:

Unfortunately, the crop of politicians that we habitually re-elect are only too aware of this and are using the current polarization to their own benefit, dividing and conquering America for their own benefit.

December 6, 2018

Brussels must be destroyed.

Francis W. Porretto
December 6, 2018

When I saw the author praise Che Guevara, I knew there was worse to come. And then he rants about “American imperialism,” that immortal chimera of the European loser. It must really twist your undies to confront a more successful civilization, Mr. Galustian. Here’s “American imperialism:” We make stuff and offer it to the world. If we like what the world has to offer, we buy it. Other countries beg for our money, our expertise, or the assistance of our arms. And at every moment of every day, thousands are applying to be allowed to become Americans. Many don’t wait… Read more »

Che's pal
Che's pal
December 7, 2018

May Che haunt you sir.

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