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REPORT: Over 95% of UK “Covid19” deaths had “pre-existing condition”

Latest statistics show vast majority of fatalities had at least one other disease

Over 95% of “COVID Deaths” recorded in England and Wales had potentially serious comorbidities, according to statistics released by NHS England.

The latest figures make for pretty stark reading. Or, rather, they would make for stark reading…if they didn’t follow the exact same pattern already shown in other nations around the world.

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janet merryweather
janet merryweather
June 10, 2020

the british regime is lying

June 10, 2020

The co-morbidities are well known.   A representative study posted Aril 28 evaluating over 16thousand hospitalized cases in the UK showed actually that nearly 50% of those hospitalized with the more severe cases of corona had NO co-morbidities:   “Results – The commonest comorbidities were chronic cardiac disease (29%), uncomplicated diabetes (19%), non-asthmatic chronic pulmonary disease (19%) and asthma (14%); 47% had no documented reported comorbidity. Increased age and comorbidities including obesity were associated with a higher probability of mortality.   Overall, 49% of patients were discharged alive, 33% have died and 17% continued to receive care at date of… Read more »

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