Red Pill Man of the Week – ending May 25, 2014

Red Pill Man of the Week

Cristiano Ronaldo

How good can life get for one human being? Not only is he rich, famous, athletic, dates super models and is cut as hell; but Cristiano is also about to lead Portugal into another Word Cup campaign in Brazil on June 12th. Oh and he just lead Real Madrid to a record 10th Champions League victory this week. Cristiano has a confident swagger to him that screams “I am the shit.”

Hard to argue with the guy. Apex red pill man.

Runners Up:

Vladimir Putin

The world hangs on his every statement. He rarely speaks but when he does everyone listens. This week was another huge week for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He sealed up a record $400 billion gas and oil deal with China, hosted the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, and his handling of a tricky Ukraine crisis, with skill and agility, makes his west counterparts look like amateur cry babies.

Narendra Modi

Modi and his BJP Party won big in this weeks Indian elections. Now Modi heads up the largest democracy in the world and is poised to supercharge India’s future. “India has won. Good days are coming,” Mr. Modi wrote on Twitter shortly before he went to seek blessings from his mother in his home state of Gujarat.

Xi Jinping

It takes two to tango and Xi Jinping was the the other half of the China – Russia $400 billion gas and oil deal. The President of the People’s Republic of China is poised to deliver cleaner energy to his country of 1.3 billion, while grooming it to eventually overtake the U.S.A. as the largest economy in the world. ¬†Is the demise of petrodollar next?¬†Talk about a big week!

J.J. Abrams

The force is strong with this man. He just started shooting the new Star Wars instalment this week. A universe of movie fanatics, and Disney executives, are counting on J.J. to deliver big on George Lucas’s monster Star Wars franchise. Not only is he directing Star Wars: Episode VII but he also co-wrote the screenplay…That’s red pill.


Blue Pill Man of the Week

Donald Sterling


Ok, so you are uber rich, own an NBA franchise and live it up in L.A. How can you have so much but be so beta? Donald Sterling proved to the whole wide world that you can be extremely successful and wealthy and still be a blue pill man.

He got taken for a ride by a gold digging…well you know, and in the meantime was branded a racist, banned from the NBA for life, and is now about to sell his team.

He will walk away richer than ever, but the dude looked foolish, even defending V. Stiviano during the Anderson Cooper interview. To top it off, Stiviano claims that she never even slept with Sterling!  Bro, are you for real???

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May 26, 2014

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