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Read the Testimonies of Residents Living In or Near the Douma Apartment Building (Location 2) Where 3 Dozen Bodies Were Photographed Several Floors Below a Chlorine Canister

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These testimonies were presented July 12, 2019, at a press conference held by the Russian Embassy to the Netherlands.

They were presented in the form of English-language slides that you can read here:…

The key findings are these:

Residents of the apartment building at Location 2, where up to 3 dozen people were alleged to have been killed by chlorine canisters on the top floor, stated:

They had been there every night for years, including the April 7th night of the alleged attack – yet they experienced no adverse symptoms.

They also were shown photos of the bodies photographed in the bottom floors by the White Helmets; they recognized NONE of the dead people who had been photographed.Some 300 people from the immediate neighborhood were interviewed. None of them claimed to recognize any of the dead bodies.

A resident of the 1st floor of the building, as well as a resident of the next-door building, indicated that they had seen fighters and White Helmets delivering dead bodies in a caravan of cars, and carrying them into the building. The man who lived on the first floor was forced to vacate the building while this was going on.

A man not from the neighborhood indicated that his brother had been killed in a shelling attack and taken to the hospital, but that his body was one of the ones photographed among the dead people in the basement of Location 2. He evidently had been brought there for use as a prop.

One of the two men testifying about the car caravan indicated that they were bringing bodies from Al Thoba prison. This suggests that the majority of the victims at Douma Location 2 appear to have been women and children prisoners held at Al Thoba prison, who were murdered there for the express purpose of serving as props in the jihadis’ presentation for Western audiences. Experts analyzing the photos of the victims have suggested that they were hung upside down – wearing goggles, for some reason – and exposed to a poisonous gas.….

Their bodies were then driven to Location 2 in a caravan of cars. The victims are likely to have been Alawites, whom the jihadis would hold in cages for use as human shields. The jihadis view Alawites as heretic sub-humans.…

It was always absurd on its face to conclude that the large number of victims photographed at Location 2 could have been killed by a single chlorine canister several floors above, as I have noted previously. But, for those too dense or prejudiced to have appreciated this, these new findings should be definitive.

The OPCW readily could have interviewed these people, as they continue to live at Location 2. Either the OPCW failed to do so – or they failed to report whatever they had learned. This is a grave dereliction on their part, and lends credence to the notion that their intent was to cover up the mass murder which the jihadis had committed.

And you can be sure that Western MSM will remain entirely silent regarding these findings, and will make no independent effort to confirm them.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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Inquiring Minds want to Know
Inquiring Minds want to Know
January 30, 2020

Is it possible that Le Mesurier had a whisper of decency left in his soul and been about to blow the whistle on the dark nature of the beast he created and was killed to silence him, and if so then by whom?

Reply to  Inquiring Minds want to Know
January 30, 2020

I doubt that Le Mesurier had anything like a soul or decency left because that’s the definition of a US/UK Deep State Operative/Assett specialy if you head a Terrorist Organization on behalf of your Employers.

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