Rand Paul on Mitt Romney: ‘It’s Time for Some Fresh Blood.’ Unfortunately we still have Jeb Clinton and Hillary Bush [Video]

The title is not a typo. Jeb Clinton, Hillary Bush…Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush…whatever, it’s all the same candidate from the same clan of crazies who will continue to bury America in more debt and war.

Neo-liberal, neo-conservative…it’s all become interchangeable.

Republicans, Democrats, whatever…they are all part of the banker/elitists/’to big to fail’ gang.

The campaign, debates and media, is all theatre for the mass consumption of the zombie Facebook generation.

Rand Paul said it best about Romney, but he should expand his circle of insiders a bit wider.

Via Daily Signal…

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney doesn’t have the support of Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul as he explores a presidential bid.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Signal today, Paul dismissed Romney’s possible third run and said that Romney had previously failed to “attract a big enough constituency to win.”

“I think he’s had his chance,” Paul said, “and I think it’s time for some fresh blood.”

Romney won the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 but lost to President Barack Obama in the general election.


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January 15, 2015

RT @redpilltimes: #RandPaul on Mitt Romney ‘It’s Time for Some Fresh Blood.’ But we still have Jeb Clinton & Hillary Bush…

January 15, 2015

##RandPaul on #MittRomney: ‘It’s Time for Some Fresh Blood.’ Unfortunately we… #Politics

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