Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Skripal: Is Russia guilty for everyone killed by AK-47?

Chechen head says Russian intel will uncover the truth

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The Chechen leader has called into doubt accusations of Russia’s alleged responsibility in the Skipral case. He finds it very suspect how the West always finds a way to frame Russia, for the crimes that they, in fact, commit. Take for example the Western-backed terrorists in the Middle East, who often fight with Kalashnikov rifles (famously invented in Russia).

Russia is often blamed for attacking terrorists who fight with Russian rifles, or for the conflict in general, but would it be logical to say that Russia is also responsible for deaths caused by those rifles, just because the original design came from Russia.

It’s not even a matter of moral responsibility here, the Kalashnikov is the most proliferated, produced, and famous weapon since the invention of the spear and polearms (which were more common than swords in medieval warfare), Russia cannot be considered to have sanctioned every killing in which a Kalashnikov was used. Likewise, just because a specific type of nerve agent may or may not be used by Russia, that does not mean that Russia is the only state or party which has access to it.

Kadyrov also stated that not only would Russians intelligence soon uncover the culprit, but reminding everyone this is the fate of all traitors, both their homeland and their foreign country will hate them. RT reports:

The Chechen leader has said accusations against Moscow by the UK and US in the Sergei Skripal poisoning case are an attempt to shift the blame for the incident. He said the truth would soon be uncovered by Russian intelligence.

The West demonstrates very interesting behavior. When they are attempting to justify some of their own actions, they start accusing Russia. You can accuse everyone around of your own blunders, but it won’t change anything if the facts speak for the opposite,” Ramzan Kadyrov wrote in his Telegram messenger-blog on Wednesday.

Everyone knows about the [nerve] agent with which Skripal was reportedly poisoned. The formula had been declassified a long time ago. But the Kalashnikov assault rifle was also invented in Russia – if an American kills a Vietnamese with it, will it also be described as a ‘Russian trace?’” the head of the Chechen Republic joked.

Kadyrov also stated that, by attempting to shift the blame on Russia, the British agencies were jeopardizing the lives of their own citizens, as the real killer would continue his activities and would not be punished.

And if it were them who eliminated Skripal, our intelligence would find this out soon. Also, this is a good lesson to traitors: No one appreciates treason, when you give up your own motherland, you will not find another, they will simply use you as expendables abroad,” he concluded.

Kadyrov’s statement was published soon after Britain announced that it was expelling 23 Russian diplomats in response to the recent poisoning of former intelligence agent Sergey Skripal and his daughter. Moscow has repeatedly denied any involvement in the incident and requested that the UK presents some evidence backing the accusations against Russia. These requests have all been denied so far.

The west loves to make accusations against Russia, but as usual, these accusations are rarely ever backed up with facts. Those requests for evidence will likely be denied inevitably, because let’s face it, if there was truly a smoking gun, we would have already heard about it. In any case, provided they can’t find one, MI6 is likely fast at work fabricating one.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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