‘Rethinking Putin’ – Top American Russia expert Professor Stephen Cohen lambasts Russia hysteria

Professor Stephen F. Cohen, renowned ivy league professor and expert Russia gave a speech called “Rethinking Putin” at the annual The Nation cruise on December 2, 2017

Professor Stephen F. Cohen is that “villain” who dared talk about Russia and Russians without demonizing them, and he just gave a speech called “Rethinking Putin”!

The inhumanity! How dare those pesky academics urge people to think! He had the nerve to imply people should not only think…but they should rethink! What kind of free world do we live in where academics are encouraging people to think without demonizing the enemy of the deep state. What next…people will start asking questions!?! And what will that lead to…asking more questions…or worse…Questioning More! (That was just a little bit of sarcasm if you couldn’t tell.)

In all seriousness, we highly recommend you check out his speech. Cohen is an American professor, so while he is an expert, that does not mean he represents Russia. Russians, Russophiles, or people who simply don’t hate Russia are not required to agree with everything he says, however one can see he speaks reason, and that is hard to come by these days. Check it out!

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