Putin Schools Cameron on Democracy (SATIRE)

After months of frustrating restraint Russian President Vladimir Putin warned Britain’s democracy faced grave danger as long as Prime Minister David Cameron remained in office.

“When the British people merely want to determine their political future their prime minister is talking about the start of the Third World War if the people vote the wrong way,” Putin said.

The Russian president went on to observe,

“Cameron appears to be more determined to bomb countries in the Middle East to democracy over the right of UK citizens exercising self-determination.”

On the upcoming UK vote of continued EU membership Putin mused,

“Why are western leaders so afraid of the ballot box? Just look at Crimea – the people were given a clear choice and they decided – there was no violence – no threating rhetoric.”

He added Russia would be “watching closely” as British voters remain subject to non-stop state-sponsored propaganda and scare mongering.

“We are concerned about what rightfully should be called a democratic deficit in the UK,” the president pointed out.

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