Putin As Ruler of The Universe – Who Knew?

Watching western media, particularly in the U.S., it is easy to come to the conclusion entire populations have gone mad, experiencing some form of mass hysteria. Apparently, Russian President Vladimir Putin can influence the world by merely projecting his thoughts – his will becomes reality. His evil takes on many forms – he controls the weather, steals planes from the skies, and he can even send sickness and plague to anywhere in the world. Putin of course is a master spy and can eavesdrop on anyone at anytime. I wouldn’t be surprise if the NSA fears Putin.

Putin even can determine political outcomes in foreign countries. His cunning silence on Brexit probably tipped the scales, a clear warning for the rest of the EU that Putin can get the electoral outcome he wants. In Ukraine, Putin showed his political prowess – the engineering of vast political instability and war to shatter Ukraine. Then he swiftly and heartlessly accepted the Crimean referendum that return to Russia. Unprecedented treachery! I bet he had that planned while he was serving the KGB while in communist East Germany – the powers of such a malevolent visionary!

GOP nominee Donald Trump has been exposed for what he really is – Putin’s “Manchurian Candidate.” Trump says he is willing to negotiate with Russia. Well, this is clear evidence “The Donald” is under Putin’s impenetrable gaze. We will simply have to accept Trump’s wife has been a Soviet/Russia operative since she was three years old. Hilary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State was an utter disaster because Putin was reading her emails – he outflanked her at every move! What can I say? Putin’s omnipresent nature bested America’s top-ranking serial liar.

For NATO Putin is the great “known unknown.” Putin’s powers of stealth are staggering. Putin is threatening his neighbours with invasion. The fact there is no evidence of this clearly proves the danger exists! The fact Putin says he will protect Russia’s borders and sovereignty is proof of Putin’s irrefutable aggressive nature.

More proof of Putin’s maligned mind is Syria. Only low-octane thinktankers and Putin puppets ever talk about invoking international law and stressing diplomacy when dealing with western-sponsored illegal forced regime change. Anyone who invokes international law against American Exceptionalism is unwittingly victim of Putin’s mind control! Keep an eye on your friends and neighbours – even family members!

Also, the poor Russian people – if they only knew. If they only knew how wonderful exported American democracy has worked out for Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. If they only know how prosperous and united Ukraine is today. If they only knew of the stability and security the EU has brought to each member state. Putin’s devilish ways deny the Russian people these truths.

Lastly, I strongly suggest you don’t fall asleep tonight – Putin is ready and prepared to enter your dreams and steal them. Such is the power of Putin – Ruler of the Universe.

Peter Lavelle is host of RT’s political debate program CrossTalk. His views may or may not reflect those of his employer.


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