Putin is asked to sanction Poland over anti-monument bill

Will Putin let Poland rewrite the history and blacken the memory of Soviet troops?

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In response to a recently approved bill ordering the destruction of monuments to Soviet soldiers in the country, Russian senators asked the president to introduce restrictive measures against Poland:

“We are asking you to order federal bodies of executive power to submit their complex proposals on the possible introduction of restrictive measures in bilateral cooperation with the Republic of Poland as well as against Polish lawmakers who initiated the amendments to the April 1, 2016 law that bans the propaganda of communism and other totalitarian regimes, and other persons and companies responsible for it.”

According to one of the senators, Oleg Morozov:

“The sanctions can touch upon various actions concerning other people. Someone is bound to make particular decisions concerning the razing or dismantling of the monuments. They can also be made by some institutions, some power bodies or some particular officials – all of them can be subject to sanctions.”

In the end of June, 2017, the Polish parliament passed a set of amendments to a Polish law banning any propaganda of totalitarian regimes through any media, including the mentioning of the names of buildings or other architectural sites.

This legislation could result in the destruction of memorials to Red Army soldiers who died liberating Poland from the Nazis between 1939 and 1945. About 6 million Poles (20 percent of the country’s population) died in the war and occupation. More than 40,000 Soviet soldiers sacrificed their lives in the operation to liberate Poland.

Russia’s Lower House, the State Duma, and the Israeli Knesset have already jointly addressed European parliaments denouncing the Polish bill as an insult to the memory of Soviet soldiers who died while liberating Europe, and to the memory of Holocaust victims.

According to Vladimir Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, the president had not made yet any decisions on the response to the Polish bill. In addition, he said that the Kremlin expected particular proposals on possible restrictive measures from the senators.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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July 25, 2017

The Polish bureaucracy are under the influence of western nations, and western nations are “into” sanctions, humiliation, and degradation of Russia wherever and and whenever possible for political reasons… Refusing to give credit and to honor the Russian souls that gave up their physical lives to protect the physical lives of the Poles who were the grandfathers and grandmothers of the 2017 brainwashed, ungrateful “Polish Walking Dead” is to be expected. Their ancestors who erected the monuments to those Russian soldiers were a very different breed of cat. They appreciated the sacrifice… they were a lot more “human”. Honor, love… Read more »

Reply to  englishvinal
July 26, 2017

in just a moment I will start writing ????????????????????????
Well what a knowledge and depths of understanding????
What sane culture or group of people/a nation would warship their oppressors and murderers? Soviets liberated Poland?????????????
One of the first things soviets did when they occupied a region was to arrest or kill any Polish Home Army fighter (there were 400000 in active combat) and to imediatly reactivate ALL German concentration lagers for undesirable elements!!!
Many 1000s were genocided in these camps by soviet-jewish liberators????????????
Any surprise Israel is also joining this campaign? ????

Astraea Shaw
Astraea Shaw
Reply to  BogSik
July 27, 2017

And, who murdered, in cold blood, 22 thousand honourably surrendered Polish army officers – and the intelligentsia of Poland, in the Katyn Forest? It was NOT the Germans. It was the Russians. Stalin ordered Beria to carry out that despicable act. 22 THOUSAND of Poland’s finest men were murdered one by one as they were made to stand on the edge of the huge trenches the Russians had dug, and each was shot in the back of the head – imagine standing on the edge of trench and seeing the dead bodies of your fellow officers lying in the trench… Read more »

Reply to  Astraea Shaw
December 27, 2019

Agree with both comments. “Liberate?” Fool! Second only to China, The USSR killed the most people in the 20th century. Germany killed max 6 million “innocents” ( though this is a Jewish lie, truth is more like 2 million), the USSR almost 40 million! And brutally. Their own citizens, especially Christians! Why? As Alexander Solzhenitsyn says, the aggressors were very much Jewish or outsiders like Stalin was Georgian and his right his right hand man Lazar Kaganovitch who ordered his minions to blow up the Cathedral – rebuilt by Putin – was a Jew. Furthermore, why were most Russian tanks… Read more »

July 26, 2017

Given what the Poles are doing to Russian war memorials Russia should simply turn their backs on Poland and say the hell with you Polacks. Poland is insignificant on the world stage.

Peter Hallam
Peter Hallam
July 28, 2017

There are so many countries willing ‘sanction Russia’ for literally nothing; just on the basis that some one else ‘told them to’… that I think Russia should start reciprocating. Surely this is what the Poles want. Don’t they want to ‘break all relations’ with Russia. Well… give it to them. Do as they want and cut all ties. Let them be with Europe. Let the do ‘businss with the U$. That will be really funny to watch. LOL… see how long that lasts. 🙂

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