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Prometheus and America: The True Story of the American System by Anton Chaitkin

In this second presentation of the series “A Harmony of Interests: Inquiries into the True Nature of the American System“, sponsored by the Rising Tide Foundation, historian Anton Chaitkin (author of Treason in America [1984] and The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush [1991]) introduces his upcoming book and guides us through a powerful sweep of history stretching from a young Benjamin Franklin’s efforts to create an industrial scientific revolution in England during the 1740s-1760s to the major battles between founding fathers over America’s destiny as either a free manufacturing nation or a nation of slavery and free trade.

Chaitkin introduces how Venetian oligarchs took over Amsterdam in the late 16th century and how that same power then transplanted itself onto England during the Glorious Revolution of 1688 where it created the Dutch-modeled private Central Bank of England. Chaitkin also discusses why and how the slave power succeeded in taking power with the rise of Jefferson into the office of the Presidency, how British intelligence guided a process of corruption from the earliest days of the USA in order to corrupt and destroy American from within by virtue of its own internal-contradictions leading within only 80 years to an existential civil war.

Traitors like Jackson, Van Buren, Polk and many others were nothing but British Intelligence-run shills even though they are celebrated as heroes in our modern day.

For those who are confused about American history or merely want to understand how the protectionist-national banking-internal improvements philosophy characterized the best not only of America but other nations during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries IN OPPOSITIONS TO ALL SYSTEMS OF EMPIRE, then take the time to watch the following lecture.

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john Marcel BEASLEY
john Marcel BEASLEY
July 8, 2020

It is good to rethink history and make connections that others failed to make. England has always been the American peoples greatest enemy. Andrew Jackson is usually seen as a real American hero but so is Ronald Reagan.

Elliott T.
Elliott T.
Reply to  john Marcel BEASLEY
December 7, 2020

Ronald Reagan survived an assassination attempt, the bullet missed his heart by fraction of an inch. No one asks the question, “Why was there an attempt?” Perhaps because Ronald Reagan, through back channeling by Lyndon LaRouche, attempted to assist Russia out of its pending economic collapse. Reagan was shot, and Chaitkins friend, LaRouche, was imprisoned 1989-94. Andrew Jackson is made a hero by publishing houses obviously on the side of British Empire. Foreign Policy magazine is nothing by Anglo-American Imperialism. Stanford University is equally deluded, evidenced by C. Rice serving in Bush Jr. 9-11 debacle, WMD.

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