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Pro-family Matteo Salvini may become Italy’s next Prime Minister [Video]

Dr Steve Turley gave us a lift a few days ago when he discussed the World Congress of Families that has been in process in Verona over the last several days. At the center of interest for many people there is Verona’s mayor, Matteo Salvini. Seen by the mainstream press of the world as “far-right”, Mr. Salvini is really a traditionalist in the style of Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, and some might say, Vladimir Putin (if they know him in reality, that is).

Mr. Salvini is pro-life, pro-family and pro-Italy. At this time, the UK paper The Independent has a piece excoriating him for refusing to allow safe harbor for 64 refugees that were rescued off the coast of Libya.

…Mr Salvini, Italy’s anti-migration deputy prime minister, said the Alan Kurdi, like other private rescue ships, would not be welcome in Italy.

“A ship with a German flag, German NGO, German ship owner, captain from Hamburg. It responded in Libyan waters and asks for a safe port. Good, go to Hamburg,” Mr Salvini said.

Both Italy and Malta have refused to accept ships that humanitarian groups have patrolling the Mediterranean Sea, leading to numerous delays in getting rescued refugees to land while European countries haggle over which will take them in.

Yet, Matteo Salvini is a swiftly rising star in Italy, and even in a Europe that has been battered by wave upon wave of Muslim refugees from war-torn Syria and other parts of the world. Italy is not the only country that is resisting this tide, but Salvini’s strong ties to pro-life and pro-family movements, and traditional lifestyles, plus his recent participation in the World Family Congress which also had Russian Orthodox Priest Dmitry Smirnov, who is a highly revered priest who appears on Russian TV constantly, all paint targets on his back by the forces of the left.

In fact, a recent piece we ran here on the Duran featured the invective that CNN tried to hurl at him and at the Congress, though in an odd twist, that piece, when scrubbed of its vitriolic opinion-making, is actually quite well researched and full of very significant facts that would make any pro-life, pro-family person or Christian cheer.

In the following Video, Dr. Steve Turley gives a synopsis of the career of Mr. Salvini and explains how his adherence to traditional values is helping him rise to power. It appears that the Europeans are indeed becoming sick and tired of amorphous super-liberalism.

We will stay tuned to see what happens next.

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April 7, 2019

I have long followed Salvini and am happy to see where is now, He can help turn Italy indeed Europe around.

Warshington Post
Warshington Post
April 7, 2019

I like Salvini. He’s the contrarian right winger. Wasn’t it he who called on the EU to declare Ukraine’s election illegitimate because they denied millions of Ukrainian citizens in Russia the right to vote? Seems completely logical and correct to me.

Warshington Post
Warshington Post
Reply to  Warshington Post
April 7, 2019

Poroshenko stole 2nd place with bribes and ballot-stuffing. I fully expect him to steal the runoff too. Washington will stay mum, even run agitprop to cover his CIA asseted arse. It’s a genetic trait of theirs.

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