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President Trump talks to President Putin, and the House leader praises him [Video]

A streamed meeting with the heads of many American energy concerns takes a different view of Russia than the mainstream liberal media

Some newspieces pull a rabbit out of a hat, by making an audacious claim based on a minimum amount of real evidence. Warning: This piece will look like one of those. Here, the claim is that President Trump managed to talk about having a conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin (and the Saudi Arab leadership) with powerful American leaders and politicians AND that his comments were well received by everyone present. Were we to be talking about a news conference with people like Fighting Jim (Acosta) of CNN and other reporters eager to nail the president on something, ANYTHING!!! Please!!!, we would be insane to expect any comment the President made about the Russian leader to be accepted positively, especially if the President’s own comment were positive.

However, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. The fact is, this is exactly what happened yesterday in a meeting with top energy executives and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican. Proof is here in this video from this point:

It is certainly refreshing to see this.

One of the ways I do research on the state of the world before writing news is to call my stockbroker. I cannot speak highly enough about using this kind of resource as a way of getting a balanced view of the world. Here is why:

People that work in investing have to know about a lot of factors. They have to know what the news media is saying, and what is actually happening. They have to know how companies are performing, who is buying what and when – in other words, a good financial analyst. such as a stock analyst makes his or her money by gathering real information and assessing it in light of historical trends, psychology, the zeitgeist of the moment, and so on. As such, they deal in reality.

The same is true of industry leaders in America’s energy sector. They lead those companies that deal with the most basic part of our economy, and indeed, the most basic part of the world’s economy, for they make the deals that actually help keep the lights on and the TV’s going and the smartphones charging, the cars driving – they are the backbone of the planet’s economy at this time. They therefore have to be staunch pragmatists and realists, or they go belly up. That is how it works.

Here, then, the President had a great opportunity to deal with real matters with reality based people and he did so. You can see the reaction for yourself.

Now, is this really a rabbit pulled out of a hat?


But it might be more. President Putin has been very patient and relentlessly willing to meet and discuss matters with President Trump. Mr. Putin appears to be a man of his word when he talks about working with the US as ‘partners’ and his statesmanship has truly been second to none. President Trump is also an excellent (though unconventionally so) statesman; in fact, he is likely going to be remembered as one of the finest statesmen the US has ever had. I do not believe this is adulation coming out, even though I personally am a great admirer of the President. The fact is, what he does and says usually comes out exactly as he says it will. When he is wrong, he says so, but he will not say so if he knows he is not wrong.

The US President has sought to normalize relations with Russia for a long time. He still seeks it. This conference shows that there is some movement (at least among those people who whom such movement truly matters) and that is something notable.

Does it mean the sanctions are going away? Probably not. But it may mean that we are closer to facing the truth – that the sanctions are not hurting Russia, and that if anything they have backfired on the US Foreign Policy hawks. President Putin and Russia have taken the sanctions in stride and they are continuing to move ahead. At the same time, their leadership shows no belligerence towards the US.

We might be drawing a little closer to the time when enough US leaders see this fact and call quits to the crazy game.

Yes, this could be a rabbit getting pulled out of a hat. But watch the whole video and think about it. It might be something truly real. We can hope, right?

Here is the video from the beginning.

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Captain Crazier than thou
Captain Crazier than thou
April 5, 2020

Oh cripes, this is where I stopped reading.

President Trump is also an excellent (though unconventionally so) statesman; in fact, he is likely going to be remembered as one of the finest statesmen the US has ever had.

April 8, 2020

Will Trump eventually end up as the FDR of this century?

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