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LA Director of CAIR slanders the dead and insults Muslims

Today a man called Hussam Ayloush tweeted that he is sad about the tragic plane crash in the Black Sea because the doomed plane could have carried more people whose death he would celebrate. Far from being an unknown lunatic, Ayloush is the Los Angeles Director of CAIR, the Council on American–Islamic Relations, a group which claims to speak on behalf of Muslim in the United States as a kind of advocacy group.

Only God knows who is a believer and who is not, but I suspect that Ayloush isn’t a Muslim at all, as no Muslim is allowed to take joy in the tragic death of innocent souls. The following is the original (now deleted) Tweet as shared by Paul Joseph Watson of InfoWars.

I suspect instead that Ayloush is a political Islamist who wishes Syria to be ruled by Salifist extremists who kill, torture, rape and enslave those who disagree with their insane interpretation of one of the world’s great religions.

By claiming to speak for all Muslims in America, he is actually slandering them in the worst way possible. He is also distorting the reality that most of the human beings saved through the cooperative efforts of the Russian military and Syrian Arab Army, are indeed Muslims, both by heritage and by practice. They do not want a violent, intolerant, insane version of Islam in Syria, instead they pray for a normal, sound and Godly one where Sunnis, Shias and many denominations of Christians live side by side in prosperity and good health. This had been the status-quo under President Assad and thanks to the efforts of Syria’s true friends and allies, primarily Russia, this will once again be the reality for ordinary Syrians.

Ayloush later issued a peculiar apology saying that he would only wish death to active soldiers rather than civilians. This is an insult upon an insult. Below is the fake apology.

The problem with Ayloush is partly his and party a problem to do with the western mentality towards Islam which contrasts deeply with the Arab and Russian attitude. In the west, those who are critical of Wahhabism and Salifism are called ‘Islamophobic’. Most of the people shouting such sentiments are themselves liberal atheists who blaspheme the great religions of the world on a daily basis due to their rhetoric and life styles. By contrast in both Russia and the Arab world outside of the backwards Gulf, religion is understood to be a sacred tradition which ought to be respected in its many guises.

In reality, Arab Muslims and Arab Christians are united in their own genuine fear of Wahhabism/Salifism and wish to live in peace and tolerance in modern, healthy pluralistic societies.  The liberal swamp has allowed people like Ayloush to flourish because it so misunderstands all religions. It misunderstands the fact that normal Muslims who are the majority of individuals in Syria do not tolerate or  like Salifism any more than Christians throughout the world praise the IRA or the Ukrainian fascists who are waging a sectarian war against Orthodoxy.

The shame in this matter must be equally shared by Ayloush who has revealed himself as a terrorist sympathiser and by western liberals who in their hatred of their own culture, slander Islam even when trying to feign compassion towards putatively Islamic men and women.

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