Polish government sounds alarm, urges citizens to “breed like rabbits” (Video)

Polish government advises couples to “Breed Like Rabbits”

Of course Europe’s population is in decline. The media has portrayed real men and toxic and glorified the feminine man, of which no woman wants to breed with.

The result is population decrease, and an EU policy of importing migrants to the continent in order to staff businesses and pay the pensions of an aging populace.

Via Mish Talk

In order to counteract one of Europe’s lowest birth rates, the government of Poland put out a pair of videos urging citizens to breed like rabbits.

Rabbit Video Number One

Rabbit Video Number Two

Eurostat Estimated Population Trends

Population estimates are 2017 Eurostat projections, in thousands. Eurostat expects 10 countries will lose population by 2040. Poland is in 7th place.

In general, the demographic trends in Eastern Europe are very poor.

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john vieira
john vieira
November 11, 2017

Good time to be young and healthy in Poland…..

November 12, 2017

I don’t think we need to reproduce like rabbits. I think we need to go for replacement, not growth, of global population, with gradual reductions to sustainable levels. This will mean the end of capitalism as currently practiced…profits will be unattainable and rentiers will cease to exist. People who love children and people would have more children if they could afford them, but governments never consider that aspect of reproduction…it’s not like childbirth is a factory process. It is true that there is a large portion of humanity that shouldn’t reproduce due to psychological or genetic weakness, but that is… Read more »

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